Inappropriate at Work #4: The Orphan Cough

The producer returned from California and rattled a terrible cough from across the room.  She’s the only other female besides me.

“Uh oh,” says Coworker 2, a large and grisly man.  “Did you smoke while you were on vacation?”

The producer replied, “I….had a cigarette last Saturday.”

“Hell yeah.  Keep smoking those paper dicks and you’ll never get rid of that orphan cough!!”

At the very least, Coworker 2 sorta earned the right to belittle others who want to quit smoking but can’t.  He kicked the habit cold turkey, after probably a decade of addiction.  Cigarette free for 2 years!  Still, it shocked me to hear him say she “sucks paper dicks”.  I think he noticed I jerked up at that phrase and tried to rephrase it…to “paper cancer sticks”.


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