[ Fire Emblem: Awakening ] – Love & Venting

I love pancetta too, bacon is so delicious!

I love pancetta too, bacon is so delicious!

I’ve made some light progress, after being stuck for frustratingly long!  Finally I was able to defeat one of the random monster battles, which gave me enough level ups and Support/compatibility increases that dealing with Chapter 5 was actually doable!  Also, I really must thank eschmiel for helping me out!!!  His advice to use Sumia, the pegasus knight,  to ferry the two hostages out from the enemy line and in to safety helps enormously!  No more desperate run arounds, haha.  I’m just so glad to be over with that chapter!

As you can see from the top picture, I finally got Chrom and my character, PANCETTA, to hit S-class compatibility!!  I love the little relationship interludes throughout the game; it’s a nice break from all the strategizing, and each compatibility level up helps my units on the battiefield so much, it’s 100% rewarding.  Definitely something you look forward to as a player.  Most of my other characters are only at around C-A support levels, but that’s totally fine… I’m still in the beginning of the game, and don’t want anyone to hit S and get married yet.

Marriage….apparently, if you hit S, your characters will not only have stellar support of each other in battle, they get married and have a kid!  It’s a cool prospect that I’m looking forward to, though I’m not totally sure how the game will explain giving me a playable character that was JUST born.  We shall see.  If you don’t want any [minor] spoilers for Chrom and your avatar, in terms of love, turn away now!

Chrom confesses – finally! – to PANCETTA that he loves her.  However, my logical tactician, pretty as a cyclops could be, rejected Chrom’s advances.  They had their duty to the army, there was a war to fight.  But if the two of them survive this all….they would be free to pursue their hearts’ desires.  Awww!  So she loves him too!!!  But that means no marriage yet.  Ecstatic, Chrom made this face…..

I'm almost surprised there aren't any red roses blossoming around his face! :P

I’m almost surprised there aren’t any red roses blossoming around his face! :P

Hahahaha.  Those two are now in pink bubble princey world.

After bragging to my boyfriend about hitting S grade, he sent me this article from Kotaku.com …. and then I boiled with rage :(  I’ve contemplated deleting everything below this part of my post.  It’s petty. I should not be so affected by some online stranger’s words.  But then I thought, to hell with it, it’s my blog….sure I wish I took a step back, cooled off, and made this better written.  But couldn’t delete it….

I’ve always wondered about Reddit’s hate for Kotaku (and the other Gawker sites), but it’s finally starting to hit me.  This was one of the most ridiculous articles ever…why was this even published?  Someone got PAID for this thing!  To sum it up – this guy is enjoying playing Fire Emblem with permadeath on, because it means your actions have consequences.  But one permanent consequence he was not prepared for was marriage.  His male avatar always fought paired up with the dragon girl, Nowi (beware: this wiki link has some spoilers if you read her entire character history).  Since they fought together for so long, they fell in love…and his avatar wanted to marry Nowi.  The Kotaku article author then freaked out, because he was afraid it made him a pedophile….


Fire Emblem: Nowi, 1000 year old Dragon.  Not a child...

Pic rehosted from the previously linked Fire Emblem wiki. Fire Emblem: Nowi, 1000 year old Dragon. Not a child…

What the hell?  She’s 1000, so what if she would be called “cute” instead of “hot”.  So what if she’s an A-cup.  What is wrong with A-cup??  Just because a woman is flat chested that doesn’t mean she’s any less of a woman.  I hate this logic so much.  People in middle school were like that too – all the other girls hit puberty at around age 9, I never really did till high school (age 13).  Although I struggled with image issues for nearly my entire life, I can say now that I was cute as a kid….but no one wanted a “cute” girlfriend in middle school or high school.  See, by the Kotaku author’s logic, my boyfriend and anyone who ever dated me would be considered a pedophile too.  Because I’m flat chested and look underaged.  NEVERMIND that I’m actually 25.  All that matters is how I look….yeesh.  I know some people may be like, “Whatever, Jelliefishie, be thankful you still get carded for R-movies.  It’s a compliment!”  But on the flip side of that coin, when I go to places like Victoria’s Secret and ask for help finding a 32-A bra, the employees will squint at me hard, make a face….and say:

“32-A? You should come back when you’re older and grow bigger boobs.”

Whaaa—-?!  My boobs are not going to do much more growing unless I get pregnant!

This exact situation has happened to me in chain bra stores – different locations and states – more than 3 times.  It’s also happened to another friend of mine who’s even shorter and tinier than me (she’s a 28-A, even harder to find in an affordable store).  Another petite friend of mine gets pulled over by people at the mall sometimes, who are concerned she’s a high school kid with a 6ft tall pedophile.  They’re actually the same age, she’s 1 or 2 months older I think….

Another thing that annoys me about this….how a lot of people seem to think it’s “gross” that many Japanese anime girls look like they are underaged.  At best they would say they look like six year olds with huge tits.  Errmmm….Okay, I’m not a guy, so maybe my view is skewed.  But I see this as a cultural difference.  Here in the US, people want hot and sexy….but rarely do they conceive the notion of CUTE & sexy.  Yes, it’s possible, and it doesn’t have to be gross.  Unless of course, people do like cute & sexy here, but are afraid to admit it because….like that Kotaku author..they are afraid to be perceived as a pedophile?  For the record, and I think this should go without saying….real pedophiles are vile and horrible; they take advantage of innocence and are complete, disgusting predators.  But I just don’t see how having a cute mannerism and petite body, despite being very much past being a minor, makes someone a child.  Not unless they are also clinically retarded, ya know?  So maybe the author wrote that article because he was afraid others would think he was a pedophile, but really…if he didn’t write this thing, then no one would know or even care.  It’s just a damn video game.

It’s been pointed out to me that I am overreacting.  And maybe I am!  But it’s my life experience that is making me feel this way, and it’s my blog!  Grrr! :T  Haha.  Okay, I’m not too mad.  I’ve never been a big “body acceptance” pusher, but do have to admit once an ignorant comment is directed at my “group”, it can flare up some emotions.  It’s just a stupid article, and I hear that Gawker sites love to post possibly inflammatory/divisive/troll articles like this to get more clicks.  It kinda worked. It’s still a stupid article, though.

And if you dislike how Japanese like to draw their popular/ideal body type as petite and cute, then you should probably also dislike how American comics always have muscled and huge-titted women…right?  For now I wanna just say it’s cultural difference, it’s personal preference, but that is a huge topic all to itself….I’m curious what other people think.  I’d like to talk to more guys about it too – do other guys also feel like it’s pedophilia to like someone who looks like they’re in high school?  Do anime girls really look like tall and occasionally big boobed children?  Maybe since I am a hetero female, it just doesn’t occur to me, and this is actually a constant fear that men have?

P.S.  Further proof this author is a fool….he’s been playing this game on Classic, undoubtedly restarting numerous times…and he’s been using the HOME button to reset? What?  It’s L+R+Start, that’s what it said on the one page manual for the game….=__=.  What a superficial fool!


12 thoughts on “[ Fire Emblem: Awakening ] – Love & Venting

  1. Kotaku has become sensationalist clickbait ever since Brian Crecente left and Stephen Totilo took over. I frequently find myself frustrated by the sheer volume of stupid articles posted there these days. This is the kind of article they’ll post when they want to claim they’re a blog, not a “serious game news” site (and then in a few days, they’ll make the opposite argument).

    That being said, I think it’s understandable for someone to want to distance themselves from anything that could be construed as pedophilia. Pedophiles are viewed as sick, disgusting criminals who are the lowest of the low (see the stereotype of murderers self-righteously beating the shit out of child molesters in prison), and once you’ve been stuck with that label, it’s difficult to remove it (see Mike Fahey, another Kotaku writer, who readers love tormenting over the fact that he’s an admitted furry). People with high visibility, like writers on a popular website, have to be careful about suggesting they have an inclination toward illegal behaviour. I don’t think that having a semi-personal in-game representation of Kirk Hamilton marry an underage-looking dragon girl means that Hamilton has pedophilic tendencies, but if it was me, I’d remove any opportunity for the question to arise.

    You’re right in pointing out that there’s a cultural difference, but I think it’s less innocent than “cute girls are desirable in Japan.” Underaged girls are frequently sexualized in the less savory side of Japanese media; there’s an infamous subset of Japanese pornography called “lolicon” that features prepubescents engaging in sexual acts. Producers commonly attempt to work around the legality issue by offering weak claims like “the character has stopped aging due to magic; they look like they’re 12, but they’re really 21” (sound familiar, Nowi?) but these claims are often made with a wink; make no mistake, this stuff is produced to fetishize underaged girls so pedophiles can beat off without fear of going to jail for possessing “illegal” child porn.

    I agree with you that there’s nothing wrong with a real woman looking underage, and it goes without saying that the way you were treated at those stores was reprehensible. But I think the problem with a lot of these sexualized young-looking anime characters is that they’re explicitly designed to evoke certain emotions in the audience; they’re fetish fuel, plain and simple. The problem with Nowi is that she feels less like a mature woman with a petite body and more like she’s actually a sexualized child who has been given the free pass of “1000 years old” so pedophiles can freely ogle her. It’s possible Hamilton was uncomfortable having his character marry her because she looks like she’s 12 and acts like she’s half that age; her own daughter even criticizes her for acting like a child (and for the record, Nah is a great example of a “cute and petite” girl who isn’t hyper-sexualized and actually acts like a normal adult woman). I really do feel like Nowi is a child in everything but name, and that could ultimately be why many Western players would find marrying her (and fathering a child with her!) uncomfortable.

    Ultimately, your final point is correct: if he hadn’t written this article, no one would’ve known or cared. It was absolutely a pointless article. I don’t feel my knowledge or opinion of the game or its characters was affected at all by this post. Earlier I mentioned what I would’ve in Hamilton’s situation: I just wouldn’t have written the article to begin with.

    At any rate, I enjoyed reading your post! I don’t usually feel compelled to speak out on sexual issues because I feel they’re a polarizing, touchy subject (and as a dude, I often feel too intimidated and unqualified to discuss uniquely female issues). But I saw it was tangentially related to Fire Emblem, and I just had to comment.

    • Rainmaker, I’m sooo happy you DID comment! I feel the same way, and kept questioning whether I should post what I did or take a moment, cool off, and then think rationally about all of this. Looking back I was very clearly being hot-headed. You shouldn’t feel intimidated, and more often than not, it’s all in attitude and how your side is brought to the table that pushes it over the fence to being offensive or inoffensive. I appreciate hearing your well thought point of view too, even if it conflicts with my own.

      I see what you are saying about how it’s a “free pass” for Fire Emblem to say Nowi is 1000 years old, despite how she looks and how she purposefully plays up her cute and childish (almost bratty!) side. I’ve finally come farther in to the game where she’s now part of my army, whereas when I wrote this post I had yet to meet her, haha. But is Nowi really there to be fan service to a niche group of lolicomplex guys, or perhaps a representation of a type of person that is indeed possible in real life? I’m rather torn on this, because I have met adult women (in their thirties) who like to act as if they are children and play up their cuteness. Not all of them that do this look the part though. Plus how widespread are lolita fans? And another thing I’m torn on – if they are not harming real children, and in Nowi’s situation she is not a child – should this be considered icky? She isn’t put in “compromising situations”, so far that I have seen. The other characters so far (I’m on Chapter 10 now) seem to have gotten over the shock of her age vs. looks disparity, and don’t treat her like a little kid. Unless that happens later. At the moment they seem to call Nowi out on it a lot, which I find rather funny. I’m torn on the free pass thing too, with how writers may change just ONE detail to make something mainstream-acceptable…such as in Fire Emblem with Nowi being 1000+, or for instance….in the Disney movie, The Lion King II. When it was still being made and rumours were circulating, we all thought there was going to be a love story between Scar’s son and Simba’s daughter. This would mean they are cousins and it was incest. But upon watching the movie, they quickly explained in some dialogue that Kovu was the *adopted* son….so there was no blood relation to Simba’s daughter. Does that still make it feel like incest when they got together in the end, despite that one detail coming to light? At the moment I still see it as the same situation with Nowi…she got called out on her age a few times, so we all know she is not underaged.

      At the risk of spoilers though – what is it that makes Nowi sexualized in this game, in your opinion? Besides being able to marry her, and we don’t even get weird sex scenes like in Mass Effect, haha! Those were less of treats and more of awkward moments to me. I wish I wasn’t so tired so I could write this a bit more coherently, today was not a good day for me and words. Hope my sentences made sense. Thanks for reading my original post!

  2. That is very interesting, You’re an excessively professional blogger. I’ve joined your feed and sit up for in the hunt for more of your excellent post. Also, I have shared your site in my social networks!

    • Not quite yet :( I hit Chapter 16 and got a bit stuck at Paralogue 16 – had to level up my characters since I was just breezing through the story without doing that. Paralogue 16 was just so difficult, and it took me some time to realize that if I’m getting people like Frederick 1-2 hit KO’d, then I’m just not strong enough.

      Then I lent the game to my boyfriend – he’d never played anything in the Fire Emblem series and thought he’d love it. He did, and is reluctant to give it back…haha. Which is alright for now, because I’m playing through Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon at the moment.

      Did you finish F.E.? What’d you think? Spoiler-free please :D I think I want to restart from the beginning when I get my game back.

      • Wait a moment:

        >Hit Chapter 16
        >Got stuck at Paralogue 16

        ….yyeeaahhhhh I think you need to go face some more Risen using the Reeking Box, go have fun with Spotpass and face some teams there, and try and progress a few more chapters in the game lol

        Then I lent the game to my boyfriend

        *facepalm* I pray no blood is shed when you eventually try and get it back :D

        Um…uh…I’m closing in on over 150 hrs of playing time. I haven’t even touched Lunatic yet. That…must mean something right xD

  3. What do you mean she ‘s ALWAYS childish. She has her serious moments, like in her supports with Tharja. Just because someone chose to marry her, doesn’t mean they’re a pedophile. Some people, including me, like her cuz of her personality. I like Nowi, and my friend likes Panne. That doesn’t make us any different from those who like Cordelia or Lucina.

  4. I know this article is old as hell but out of curiosity are you from New South Wales? I chanced upon this article and a few months ago I actually streetpassef Pancetta lol

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