Sketch: Sword Draw … And a New Year’s Resolution for 2013

Sooooo tired right now, my eyes feel like they are swimming in acid.

Sword Draw / DeviantArt: salva-nos

Wednesday is Blue Pencil Day in my room.

Had a long day at work, with lots of matte painting by hand and racing against the clock to get stuff done.  Even then I left 2 hours later than usual…and really, I probably should’ve left at the proper time, because once I hit a certain limit I just don’t make good decisions anymore.  Once again, I thought I could create something faster by drawing and painting it (digitally) than if I 3D modeled it.  And once again I was wrong!  Or at least I think I am.  It has to be made in 3D anyway, I should’ve just started that.

My New Year’s Resolution for 2013: Learn to speed paint.

Seriously, I would be so much happier being able to do this!!!  It wouldn’t have taken me so long to finish work today if I could speed paint.  I’d be able to fulfill my desire to draw and paint more personal stuff if I could get it done, in full color, in 10-30 minutes.  Right now it would take me hours, possibly days to get a painting where I want it.  I’m not even that experienced in shading and painting, so I go extra slow with that too.  My Coworker, who’s extremely generous, is going to bring me some tutorials on speed painting tomorrow.  If he remembers.  We all have fried brains today from the rush work.

On the bright side…

My boyfriend saw the “Big Hands Sketch” from the other day and said, “Oh wow, that’s looking awesome.  You’re so god damn talented.  I can’t believe I never knew you were a real artist”.  It’s a little insulting in the sense that..well…for 2-3 years he thought I was some hack who could only draw stick figures!!!!  But very very flattering that he gave me the label of a “real artist”, haha.

I can’t really blame him….there’s a lot of CG artists that have no idea how to draw past a stick figure.  When I applied for art college, I threw together a portfolio in a month and got in.  I was deathly afraid I would be the worst artist in the class, because in middle and high school we didn’t have an art program (it was combined with P.E. and called ‘Dance Class’).  But then we had our Foundations Figure Drawing class….I looked around the room at other people’s work….and lo and behold, there were the stick figures.  Only 2-3 other people had some proficiency at drawing, and out of them I was the worst, haha!  There are some truly amazing illustrators out there.  It just made me so curious, what did everyone else’s portfolios look like?  What did they put in there to get in to art school, if they can barely draw a face?

I don’t mean to build myself up so much, though.  There’s a vast difference between my skill level and what the hundreds and thousands of artists who make a name for themselves through their art on the internet can do.  Color was never a strong point for me, and consequently lighting as well….I think painting will really force me to confront this weakness.

So that’s two drawings uploaded within this week so far!  Good progress for someone so lazy.  I’d attribute this motivation to reading comics on my commute to work for this past month.  Great art is inspirational.  Everytime I flip a page in the Invincible series, I keep thinking about how I would draw these characters, how I would pose them, or layout that particular shot to convey more emotion.  I may start trying to do that for practice….take a scene from the issue I’m reading, and draw out “my version” of it.

New Header Image

I uploaded a really simple new banner for this page…it’s the same thing that the text header used to say (Jelliefishie: The Ongoing Saga), but now in a different font.  Just got tired of looking at the boring, plain text!  Since this is a free account, I can’t take out the stupid drop shadow on the header image, nor can I put it above the menu bar =___=  Lame, right?!  I’ll probably spruce it up more when work is not so busy, so it won’t look so plain.  Also, the crop tool in WordPress for the header is AWFUL!


2 thoughts on “Sketch: Sword Draw … And a New Year’s Resolution for 2013

  1. You always been a good artist even since I known you from Tenri back in those days it was alot of anime art granted thats what we were into at the time. So then heres the question or you born an artist or do you need to start early to train to be able to do that skill? Since you need good hand and eye coordination. LOL yeah I am tired of the blah layout free users get for wordpress, but I won’t be dishing out any bucks as well… so I uploaded my own photo I took at Versailles of Marie Antoinette’s music room, yes it look that fancy and it was cool. I wish though they day I went wasn’t god awful would of loved to wonder around the gardens.

    • That’s a really good question, and I gave it some thought over the weekend. It may sound like a cop-out answer, but I think it’s true – they are both born and made. Artists do need the motor skills, the technique to create what they see in their mind….but we aren’t born knowing how to move a pencil or how to sculpt, or how to use “Manual” setting on a camera. All of that is learned, meaning an artist can be “made”. One needs to practice and work at it, for inhuman hours…I’ve read somewhere that you need an estimated 10,000 hours to master a skill – any skill. So Artists have spent 10,000+ hours on their craft, and that is what gives them the technical skill to create their vision.

      BUT….what makes someone choose to spend their time on drawing or photography rather than something else? I think this is where being “born” an artist comes in. There’s that inclination, that driving interest that pushes certain people to focus their energies on art. Everyone who is a kid draws like crap, but only some decide to stick with it anyway…because they love it. I think that love and determination is usually inborn.

      There are always exceptions, of course, and I don’t think it’s ever too late to begin a new skill. You have to be undaunted, because I also think every artist HATES whatever they make immediately after they draw it, and they’ll think ugh, I suck! But they need to remember to stick with it, and fix what needs fixing. They need to develop an “eye” for what needs to be fixed, and what needs to be where. I feel this in photography too….I used to be the absolute worst when it came to taking photos, with my thumb or pinky in every shot. Now, after a few years of hobbyist practice, I can tell from people’s reactions to my photos that I’m making some progress for the better. I never used to have the eye for framing photos, but the more you do it, the more you persevere despite sucking, the better you do eventually get.

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