Sketch: Big Hands

There’s a whole bunch of reviews I want to write up soon, of stuff I’ve been trying and like so far.  But it’s taking me a long time to write it all up, and gather pictures…so instead, here is a random sketch I did on the new Intuos 5 Wacom tablet my boss gave me for Christmas!

Big Hands.  DeviantArt Username: salva-nos

Big Hands. Click to see larger on my DeviantArt site.

I really want to start doing more sci-fi stuff, but don’t fully know what to draw yet.  I wanna hopefully collaborate with my boyfriend on a game in the future…he mentioned something about a sci-fi setting, but nothing has been fleshed out yet.


4 thoughts on “Sketch: Big Hands

    • Totally ~ which annoys me, her head is just like Hikaru :/ Generic face and short hair, haha. Originally was going to give her blonde hair and a braid, but then I didn’t want to cover up her dress.

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