Today, I Am The Stupid One!

All bundled up to face the cold.

All bundled up to face the cold.

Lots of random pictures for this post!

Still feeling pretty awful, but the headaches, neck aches, and spine aches have mostly left. Unfortunately, I still can’t quite think straight. My cough has gotten worse, so today I took with me my Gloomy Bear face mask to work. For $1 USD, it’s actually a great fortifier against the cold. I put that on, plus wrapped my scarf around my face and pinned everything down with ear muffs. The 14°F wind still bit at my eyes sharply, but it was much better than feeling the icy wind against my entire face. At work, the face mask stayed on; my boss sits next to me, and he has a 10 week old daughter. Not someone who should be associating with sick people. There’s a surprising amount of ease a face mask can give a person…not having to cover your own mouth when you cough really frees up your hands to do actual work!

Though of course there are some who would say I should have stayed home.
But this is the life of a Freelancer. If you don’t show up to work, you don’t get paid. And how will I live *then*?

Yesterday was bad enough; having a Flu Head meant I couldn’t think straight and I did everything slow and wrong. It was only until an hour before quitting time that my coworker said something to make me realize I was being an idiot. I can’t say what project we’re working on specifically, but I’m designing this Medieval-inspired crest thing. So I put together a bunch of vector art, and people seem rather happy with it. Now I had to turn that flat, monochromatic vector in to a realistic, textured piece of art. Most of this design were metals – gold, steel, bronze. And what did I try to do, like an idiot?

I tried to PAINT metal, in photoshop. Like with colors and brushes and stuff.

I spent most of the day attempting to do that. Painting metal is REALLY HARD. It’s so contrasted, so reflected…ahh. It felt impossible. Here’s a few shots of me attempting it and failing.

Failure 1.

Failure 1.

Failure 2.

Failure 2.

Failure 3.

Failure 3.

And then I remembered.

What the hell was I painting this by hand in Photoshop for?

I’M A 3D ARTIST!!!!!!!

I can model it in 3D, slap on a chrome shader, and render this thing out QUICK. WHAT A FOOL I’VE BEEN!!!! Seriously, how does one forget their college major!??!

All I can say in my defense is, the flu is hitting me really hard this season. My mind is not working the way it should under its influence.

Lame excuse, I know. At least, I hope everyone else knows and doesn’t blame me for it…..I want to still get hired here!

So I jumped in to Maya and got to work; vectors from Adobe Illustrator can be imported very easily. And at first I thought this was going to be a really quick job. My boss was like, do this, do that, then you’re done! But his method wasn’t exactly right for the look I had in mind. I didn’t want to use BEVEL PLUS….that’s if you don’t want any variation in the top surface. Which is good for text you just want to extrude in to 3D. But I wanted to have these metal pieces look like metal pendants….to have variations in their fullness. So after a bit of poking around, I decided the best thing for me to do, in my current mental state, was planar model these vector curves. Automatically creating a 3D object out of the Illustrator curves was not giving me the edge loops I wanted for proper creasing. I got through most of them, just have two more pieces to finish off tomorrow morning…then I can render.

Planar Modeling with the original vector as a reference.

Planar Modeling with the original vector as a reference.

Pixel pushing my models in 3D to get the slopes and shapes and seams I wanted.

Pixel pushing my models in 3D to get the slopes and shapes and seams I wanted.

Right below here is in my 3D program’s render preview….I purposefully am showing just the stark highlights. Will have to either change the lighting or add another render pass to illuminate just a little more of the objects’ body, which is currently hidden in the blackness.

Render preview in 3D, with chrome shader. Still a Work In Progress.

Render preview in 3D, with chrome shader. Still a Work In Progress.

Hopefully I can get it a lot further along, we don’t have much time at all. Our WIP Client update deadline is at 2pm, and rendering and comping may take me longer than I think. Plus I’ve only done the metal bits…sigh. I hate that I’m so slow this week, when our deadline is especially so crazy.

Another hopefully; they might book me for next month as well…which I’ve got every finger crossed for. If they don’t, then it’s off to another studio or temporary unemployment. I don’t want either of those.

Finally, here’s what kept me awake at work.  Better than coffee!

Screenshot of puppies from the Puppy Bowl Locker Room streaming channel.  So cute!

Screenshot of puppies from the Puppy Bowl Locker Room streaming channel. So cute!

Initially prompted by Jan. 24’s DailyPress Prompt.


2 thoughts on “Today, I Am The Stupid One!

  1. It’s really amazing you can do that 3D work, it just looks like hieroglyphics too me, and at the 3D printing shop they had Maya there where you could actually design your own print if you had a clue of how to draw in 3D which I would think could be a piece of cake for you ;)

    Hopefully your recovering since your Work Hard or NO PAY… I am making a bad joke on continentals “Work Hard. Fly Right” ha …. ha… ha…

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