Elle, the Evil Cat Lady [Rant]

Cat on a cat-couch.

Cat on a cat-couch.

Cute.  Furry.  EVIL.  And not in the cute and furry way.  As much as I want to love all mammals, there are some cats in the world that are just bitches.  Whenever you find someone who hates cats, it’s probably because they met a cat like the one in the photo above.

This is one of two cats that belongs to a certain woman named Elle, aged 30 years old, her life barely together.  I am still under the impression that there are no bad pets, just bad owners, and boy is she a bad owner.  The more I get to know her…the more I dislike her.  Awful to admit.  But it’s true.  She still dresses like a teen/early 20’s girl, and runs her life in a similar vein of maturity.

All she does is complain about the problems in her life but seems strangely unwilling to do anything about it.

More below the cut….

She Constantly Complains About Work
Okay, it made sense six months ago, before the holiday season. It made sense 2 months ago during the holiday season.  But come on, why does it sound like she hasn’t made any progress in terms of gathering a portfolio or writing up a resume to send to new companies in all that time?  If you hate it so much, stop working there.  If you think you’re unappreciated, find a place that will appreciate you.  I’d understand if she just couldn’t find a new job, especially during the recession, but nothing is even being attempted at this point.  There’s only so much I can hear about your superiors being retarded and incompetent.

Has Unrealistic Photography Career Goals That Don’t Make Sense
  “I wanna make money off my photography as art, but I don’t wanna shoot someone’s stupid WEDDING or bar mitzvah!”  Meanwhile she complains that photography equipment and supplies are very expensive.  Erm.  You know, one or two weddings can buy you an entire top-of-the-line camera body?  An L lens?  Something amazingly pro-leveled?  It’s not like she has to do 100 weddings for that, but okay…maybe she just doesn’t like dealing with people.  In which case…how about getting in to stock photography, selling prints online?  At the moment it sounds like she somehow wants to get her photography in to a gallery, and make money off of that…but come on, how often does that really happen? Is that realistic?  And why does that have to be the only thing she does, why can’t she do all the photography related things I mentioned to make money, and let the gallery thing be the bonus?  You gotta get out there and shoot, gain a presence, before anyone cares to hang your art on a wall and pay you to do so.  None of these even require you to quit your day job.  Not unless the Wedding Photography business really took off and weekends were no longer enough.

What’s even stranger to me…is her vehement desire to stick with film.  Now….as someone who has started getting my toes wet in film myself, I can respect and understand the joy of using actual film.  But to claim that film is superior….that it’s just as expensive as making digital prints….I don’t agree.  She compared the costs of supplies for film to the cost of printing and/or putting together a book of photos from a digital camera, and saying the cost is roughly the same.  Conveniently, she is NOT mentioning that, as a (for example) dSLR wedding photographer you can immediately transfer your pictures to the computer and pick out your selects.  Sometimes this is at a ratio of 1:50 of good to bad photos in your deck. And that’s all FREE.  What are you gonna do with film?  You need to develop it first, spend your costly supplies on developing everything….and make your selects *after* processing.  Digital stuff will only get printed once it’s been reviewed and approved.  If I were to make a bet on which one is cheaper, I’d say digital.  Unless you’re really adding something crazy-unique to the look of the photo via the development process in your bathroom darkroom, then it’s simply not worth the time and money to shoot film.  I’m speaking from a business standpoint.

She says she has a backlog of 100 rolls of film that she’s never developed, and needs to.  But hasn’t for…how long?  She needs to go and buy equipment or rent a dark room to do get that stuff going…me, I can just upload my pics to the computer as soon as I get home from shooting, and it’ll be up online within 4-8 hours of the event.

It just doesn’t seem practical to me.  As a hobby, it’s fine.  But don’t expect to make money off of a slow and terrible work ethic…especially one that costs more than the alternative…

Constantly Complains About Her Weight
I don’t want to go too in-depth with this.  It’s pretty self-explanatory, I think.  She’s an idiot when it comes to nutrition and health, just very ignorant about it.  Think of your classic high school vegetarian who does it to lose weight, but thinks that french fries covered in cheese is good vegetarian eating.  How can you eat 5 cheese macaroni and then wonder why you’re not losing weight?  You’re not losing weight because you keep stuffing your face with all the wrong things.  Try real food like meats, veggies, fruits.  It’s a delusion to think you can skinny yourself up by eating out all the time (and she thinks dining out is cheaper than cooking…SO WRONG).  Doesn’t she know how much butter they cram in to EVERYTHING at restaurants?  She isn’t vegetarian, by the way. Just makes terrible choices the way you’d expect your ignorant high school vegetarian to do.  Also she absolutely refuses to exercise.  I know people say that 90% of losing weight is via diet, but that doesn’t mean you can cut out exercise completely.  Plus you may just end up skinny-fat, which is not what people want…is it…?

My main problem with her, however, is:

Blames Everyone Else But Herself For the Problems In Her Life.
Some of this I have already mentioned.  Sucky job? Not her fault, even though she hasn’t tried applying elsewhere.  Can’t lose weight?  Not her fault; actually she doesn’t even know why it’s not working.  Couch sucks?  It’s her roommate’s fault….

I mentioned the couch is a little annoying since when you sit on it, it pulls you in to the center.  Some beam on the bottom is broken; a previous roommate who no longer lives there broke it when he flopped on to the couch one night.

Elle: “Yeah, I hate that.  Also it kind of smells….”
Me: “It smells sour.”
Elle: Whispers.  “You know what it is?  It’s the dog.  If I were to get a new couch for this place, I wouldn’t allow the dog on it.  He makes it smell nasty.”
Me: “…….But this dog is the cleanest dog I’ve ever met.”
Elle: “Trust me. It’s the DOG.”

I’m serious, I play with a lot of dogs and big or small, this dog in particular is super clean smelling.  Doesn’t even get that dog-sweat smell after a run.  Yes, his fur gets everywhere, he’s part husky and shedding.  But that doesn’t smell.  And I’m someone who’s allergic to dog fur, you’d think I’d mind.  He’s the sweetest creature ever.  NOW.  Remember where I said the couch smells sour?  I didn’t want to say so explicitly to be PC, but I thought she should already know this….the couch smells like vomit.  Puke.  Throw up.  Vomit has a very distinct sour smell, and that’s definitely what the couch smells like.  And I know for a fact it was HER boyfriend who puked on it.  Because he’s a weirdo who never seemed to really age past 15 years, and throws up in his sleep after drinking. I don’t know why. I’ve NEVER thrown up in bed, I’ve always had the consciousness to run to the bathroom.  You know, like humans do.  And if you’re age 30, come on.  No excuse.  What else do I know?  Her precious pet cats – the evil things – they throw up and poop on all of her stuff. I think they do it on purpose, and they possibly hate their owner.  They only puke on her stuff…it just so happens that the couch is a shared item in the house.

Pisses me off that she’d blame something that’s clearly on her boyfriend and her pets on the poor, poor doggie.  He did nothing!  Even if they get a new couch and don’t let him sit on it, it’s gonna still smell like sour, curdled puke.

Man up already and take your share of the blame, Elle.  And get your shit together, you’re past 30 and acting like an immature kid.  You can change your life to something you actually like, but you choose not to.  Annoys me a whole bunch. This isn’t to say people can’t complain, but there comes a point where the solution is so easy and it starts to appear like Elle just LOVES to have something to complain about.  Masochism at it’s most annoying.  Makes it even worse that she deigned to WHISPER when she was blaming the dog….so that the dog’s owner wouldn’t hear.  She apparently does this a lot.  Blames a lot of stuff on him or the dog, complains about him when she thinks he’s out of ear shot. I don’t even understand why she thinks it’s a good idea to tell me about it.  Obviously what she says to me is gonna get around to him.  Stupid. She’s stupid.  That’s my conclusion.  Stupid girl!!!  Ruining my gender!


6 thoughts on “Elle, the Evil Cat Lady [Rant]

  1. Thats a long rant for one lady =P . But I must agree that wedding photography can make some really nice money. AND you can make Professional pictures! I’ve worked with some really outstanding photographers in the wedding industry and learned a lot from them. They can really produce some amazing photos (which makes even more money) so the reason for not doing it to get a photography career started is beyond me. I’ve Freelanced just a additional cameraman for several wedding photographers and even that netted a decent amount.

    The healthy eating and weight reminds me of people who drink “Diet-Soda” to stay “Healthy” when they actually order a whole liter of that stuff!

    In a way I kinda pity this character, as she wont really get far in life if all she does is throw all her problems on other people/things then take a look at herself.

  2. It’s so true; one can only hope that she doesn’t drag others down in to the Abyss with her!

    And this is something I’m starting to notice. I’ve come across a few articles on the internet in “defense” of wedding photography….as if it’s the lowest of the low, wtf? Maybe I cannot relate cuz I am a girl, and obviously I am going to REALLY care about who my future wedding photographer would be. But I’m starting to realize that there’s a good number of non-event photographers that look down on it :( I don’t know why. Kind of hate it when ANYONE looks down on any profession, we are all important and a good wedding photographer can truly make someone’s day/week/month/year/life! And ruin it, judging by how many cases I hear of a bad photographer getting sued for “ruining” someone’s wedding memories.

    I think….the haters are just jealous :D

  3. See people always say when your over the age of 25 you will have your act together and you won’t be a kid anymore, and this lady is proof of even at 30 you can still be a hot wild mess. She already sounds like it because she owns a horrible cat, which again pets only act badly if their owners allow them too they don’t do it on purpose they just don’t know any better… the pet not the owner. Thats why if there is a bad pet there is a bad owner, usually goes the same for kids and parents. But thats a whole other fight on its own… Whats more amazing she has a boyfriend as well but then again like minds usually attract each other unless your on geek love.

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