Sewing: Skirt Progress!

Proof that I sewed it well!

Proof that I sewed it well! Took a pic just in case I RUINED IT IN THE SERGER accidentally again.

This has got to be my best, most productive sewing class so far!  It only took me most of the “semester”!!!  I been sewing “Skirt B” from this exact Butterick Pattern, specifically the skirt on the top right.  It’s supposed to be easy, but DAMN, I’ve messed up a whole lot in the past few weeks.  Last lesson, I sewed my two contrasting fabrics together perfect (like above), but when I went to finish off the seams the serger sucked it in and ate a hole in it :(  Concerned about falling behind, I repinned and recut a new piece of fabric to replace it at home, so I could just get on the machine quick today.

Now….I don’t wanna give the impression that I played out today perfectly!  It’s not true.  After I got to where I was in the above picture, it was another 10-15 minutes of staring at my fabric pieces and flipping them over and over before I realized I cut it out wrong.  Eghh.  I cut the fabric on the wrong side, meaning my shape was inverted!  Luckily, very luckily, I had just enough of my patterned fabric left to cut out the huge piece I needed out.  It was along the grain and everything! And now that I’ve had to redo cutting 3 times already, I feel much more faster at doing it.  Which is great :)

Coincidentally…my older sister made the exact same mistake as I did!!  Her skirt is a completely different pattern, but she also cut an important and huge piece out inverted D: …. I don’t know why we keep making the same mistakes independently of each other!!!  I suppose the both of us were born with terrible spacial awareness.  Which is ironic since we are both in visual careers :)  It’s probably worse for me though since I do 3D….

Here’s more progress pictures of my skirt!  The patterned part is on the front of the skirt.

I’m very impressed to see that my pattern magically lined up symmetrically on the front!

The darts (those vertical lines from the waistline) are for your butt in the back.  The red fabric is only a cotton-polyester blend and is VERY thin.  I haven’t pressed the center seam open yet either, so hopefully once I iron it, things will look less ghetto and rumpled.


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