Puppies and Headlamps

Who’s the pretty girl under my desk? :D

Coworker 2 has a cute little French Bulldog, and she’s the sweetest!  Every time I look down, she’s either right by my chair or right behind me.  If I put my hand down by my side or let it hang off my chair, she rushes over and starts to lick and nibble on my hand.  When I enter the room, she gets up and rushes at me on three legs – fourth paw extended as she runs.  Seems like this little puppy has no loyalties to her master, haha.  Because she loves me, I love her!  Though…this is probably because I’ve found her sweet spot :)  The one that makes her foot thump as I scratch her.  That’s also why the previously extremely anti-social Boston Terrier at work, who hated everyone including his master, chose to like me before the other coworkers.  If only it were that easy to get HUMANS to like you. Maybe after a good scalp massage…?

Later at home, I passed by the living room.  My uncle reclined on the couch, newspaper opened, headlamp strapped to his forehead and shining.  Our eyes met.

“It’s easier for me to read this way.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

I went back to my room to type this.


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