Inappropriate at Work #3

We got paid today!!!  Everyone rejoice~~!  Okay, let me first start at the beginning…which isn’t part of the Inappropriate part.

Fridays at work are always the WORST.  I know most people love their Fridays and it’s relaxing and such….but really, that’s only when it’s Friday and like 8pm or something.  Fridays for me are exhausting.  Because people are leaving their offices early, I have to rush to finish my work with time to spare to send it over to them, before they leave for the weekend.  It’s often pretty crucial.  It just so happens that at work today, the boss was not in (paternity leave), his substitute (Coworker 2 from the previous post) was not in because he was getting his puppy spayed, Coworker 1 was LATE AS USUAL by nearly an hour, and the producer was also late.  I’m not sure what her excuse was.  Potentially it was since she had to be on a conference call with a client at 9:30am….except she usually gets to work at 9am.  So my current theory is she had a hangover and decided to stay home for a few hours.

This means it was only me at our lofted office, manning the computers, the client requests, and all the demands of not two but three jobs by myself.  The boss of the parent company who pays rent for all of us came in and gave me some slightly confusing directions, but directions nonetheless – “Oh and get these done IN ONE HOUR.”

Ugh.  But I did it.  Coworker 1 came in and I gave him the hand. “Do NOT talk to me right now,” I said with bugged out eyes.  It wasn’t from the one sip of coffee I had, this was all from the fear and desperation welling up inside me. Luckily, I got that project’s presentation sent out, WITH revisions, with 25 minutes to spare.  Hell yeah.

Anyway…on to the inappropriate part!

Now that Coworker 1 was in, as well as the accountant and the producer, we all received our paychecks!!  YEAY!!!!  Eagerly I opened mine to check what dates got processed, when Coworker 1 snatches my check out of my hands.  That isn’t cool!  I’m a very private person, despite keeping an online blog, so I dove for it.  He fought me, tried to block with his body by spinning in his chair. I reached behind him, tilted back, and my entire chair flipped backwards, and I smashed down to the ground.

My super-thick ponytail broke most of the impact for my head.  I kinda just laid there on the ground with my arms out by my head like |_O_| ..  Coworker 1 was so shocked that it was very easy to jump back on to my feet and snatched it out of his hand.  He was too flabbergasted to keep a good grip on my check.

So, mission accomplished!  I WIN.  But really, stealing people’s checks (this is private!) and tipping their chairs over is something I think qualifies as inappropriate.  Don’t you think?


One thought on “Inappropriate at Work #3

  1. That person is a serious asshole with no respect at all for others. That is very not appropriate and would be furious and freak the hell out.

    Wow. He really needs to not be working there with you.

    I hope you give him a good talk about boundaries because he needs to very much be respecting them. It’s unfortunate that you should even have to say something but behavior like that is not normal nor is it acceptable.

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