Inappropriate Work Story of the Day #2

This week at work, it’s just two male coworkers, the female producer, and myself.  The producer sits far away from us, usually in her own world but in earshot.  The two male coworkers sit next to each other, and I have my back to them.  Excluding the producer, the only other woman, we’re all about 2-3 feet apart from each other.

I mentioned something about dreams, and then Coworker 1 started talking about how sometimes…. he dreams he’s a girl.

This made Coworker 2 flip out with mild homophobia; he even physically backed (or rolled in his swivel chair) away a bit.

Coworker 1 says, “You know what’s great about being a girl?”

Coworker 2 says, “What?  Getting your box smashed?”

My head fell in to my hands.  I couldn’t work, I couldn’t speak.  I didn’t know how to react. Really, I should’ve known it was a mistake to open the Pandora’s Box that dreams can be. “I started this conversation, and look what happened”, I kept thinking.  What a mistake!


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