Tiring Day

Sunset over New York City

Sunset over New York City…click for EXIF data (on Flickr).

Thought I’d share one of my favorite pics from a bunch of shots I got on the roof at work.  This is one of the few pictures I was able to take with my new Canon EF 24mm f/1.4 L II lens…so far, I can say the color is great :)  Especially, I like being able to see World Trade Center in a Manhattan skyline photo again.  I won’t bore you with pics on this blog, since the rest of them are on my Flickr..  Today was just so exhausting…dental appointment and 9:30am, work till 7pm, sewing class from 7:30pm to 9:30.

Earlier at work, I clicked and dragged and swiped my tablet pen, doing my work.  Suddenly, something fluffy and grey fell from the ceiling and just missed my nose.  It fell on the table, light as a feather.  Except that those weren’t feathers, those were long hairs, and it wasn’t a fluff-ball of dust, it was a silver fish.  Good Lord in Heaven I freaked the hell out, screaming and jumping and pointing. THERE’S SILVER FISH RAINING FROM THE CEILING.  My coworker turned around, said “what the fuck?” then grabbed the bug and smashed it like it was nothing. Yes, grabbed it and then smashed it!  Euuugh.  I was so disgusted, what if that landed on my face?!  I’d probably cut my nose off, I did have scissors near by.  Silver fish are the worst!

“Damn, that was like special ops or something, dropping down on you!”  Said my coworker.

After that unsettling moment, it was time to leave work anyway.  I grabbed my stuff, shook them out just in case reinforcements were in position.  Still freaked out, I texted my boyfriend about this horrible incident, and how I had once spotted a big, fat, 4″ silver fish crawl out of the wall here.  We ended up throwing another piece of fallen wall at it to kill it.

My boyfriend replied, “Mmmm, bring it home and cook it!”

Disgusted, I told him he ought to look up what a “silver fish” was.

And finally, inevitably, we shared mutual disgust.

On the bright side, despite numerous ill attempts at sewing and being very good at not following directions…I finished my drawstring bag from sewing class tonight!!!  Because of all the mess ups, the class suddenly went a little Project Runway where we had to rush and “make it work” before 9:30pm.  I don’t even want to get in to how many mistakes I made, but it looks reasonably okay for a first project!  At the very least I learned a lot and will be extra careful the next time around…since I learned the embarrassingly hard way…

Excuse the community-center-like floor. That’s just what my bedroom looks like :(

Drawstring bag, flat.

Drawstring pulled.

I like plaid :D


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