I Love Sewing!!

Love Sewing
One of many neat fashion sketchy posters at the Sewing Studio in NYC.

Nearly 3 weeks ago, I began taking the introductory classes at the Sewing Studio over in Chelsea with my sister.  It’s so addictive and amazing, I love it!!! It was maybe not the greatest idea to only have a half hour window between the end of work (7pm) and beginning of class (7:30pm), because there’s really no time to eat when I gotta travel inter-borough…but so far it’s worth it!  I’ll get this one thing out of the way:  the ONE thing that I’ve been upset about so far is that I bought the classes online for the NEW YORK studio and they charged my card…IN CANADIAN DOLLARS.  That’s not cool…so on top of the already expensive price of $425, there was an additional $13 for currency conversion fee.  There was no warning about that on their site, it really really sucked that it happened.  Also if you don’t think “time is money”, then you’re probably just like at least half the class who bought $35 sewing kits from the school.  I don’t blame them for charging a lot, this is simple equipment you can easily get for cheap outside.  So why not turn a huge profit off of student laziness?  I would do it too!  I’m too cheap to pay $35 for basic things like scissors, thread, etc, so I bought a sewing kit from the pharmacy (Duane Reade) for $5.99.  Cost me another $3 to get the tracing wheel, and that’s it.  Set complete, I saved $26.  But anyway.  On to the good news!

The main things I wanted to learn was how to use a sewing machine, how to read a pattern, and how to alter a pattern.  This class explicitly said they would fulfill this, and so far has delivered.  The teacher we have is super nice, very friendly and delivers information at a good pace.  I have to scribble fast to keep up with notes, but eh, all classes are like that, even in college.  And yes, I took handwritten notes in college….and no, I’m not that old…:T  I’m 24.

Me sewing
Me sewing!!!

The first class taught us how to thread the sewing machine, prepare and install the bobbin, and learn a few basic stitches with the machine.  More stitches were learned in the next class, where I felt like I was finally getting the hang of threading the machine.  The whole concept of pulling the bottom thread out of the base of the machine by pulling the top thread….it was just TOO confusing to me at first.  Check out an animated explanation of how this works on the How Stuff Works website.  I can get it all in one go now, barring actually threading the needle itself.  My bad depth perception still makes me pause at that.

Some photos of stitches I made; we practiced sewing two small rectangles of muslin scraps together.

Pink for my top thread, green for my bobbin thread.

The black thread you see in the pics were braided together via the serger, which is the most amazing thing I never knew about! It doesn’t just sew in stitches, it clips the excess edge of your cloth as well :) So you get a VERY professional looking edge to your fabrics, it’s just so cool.  Unfortunately I’m not great at guiding these fabrics yet, so I don’t sew straight.  Those threads should not be hanging off the edge the way they are!!!

If you wanna see more bad sewing…in the 2nd class, we learned how to gather a skirt and sew it together, on a miniature skirt.  We had a curve shape from muslin, representing the waistband, and another rectangle of muslin for the skirt itself.  It’s neat, you just pull it together like a curtain.  But I thought my straight-line sewing was bad, the WORST is really following a curve.  It’s just so hard to keep things even, I dunno.  My hands don’t do what I want them to do!!  So my skirt turned out crappy…BUT if you fold the waistband over (as seen in the biggest pic below), then it sorta hides most of my shame :)

A tiny doll-sized skirt, modeled over my Pirates of the Caribbean plastic folder for my notes.  Shown front and back, and with waistband in its proper place (to hide the mess).

Still.  Why is that green thread sticking out of the middle of the waistband..!?  That’s not right!!!

My doll skirt looks so unfortunate…but every moment of the class seems worth it so far.


5 thoughts on “I Love Sewing!!

  1. That looks like tons of fun, I took same class but at Parsons and we had to make our own patterns @_@ which was a hard task but the teacher helped us all the way through. Just wondered why it is always with muslin that I heard as muslim half the time.

    • Haha!! It took me some time to realize the word is “muslin” as well :) Have you made anything with your sewing skills recently? Parsons must’ve had a great class! Tim Gunn used to teach there ;D

      • Haha I wish he was there so I could meet him. Actually I been able to fix many of my own rips in my thigh of pants and hem work slacks, and my professor from there actually talks to me and gives help when fixing wool or cashmere.

  2. You’ll be like a uber artist by the end of that class! Plus i’m quite excited what you’ll produce. Would be great if you could actually incorporate your drawing and designs skills later on and see how that turns out. Good to hear your having a blast with it!

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