Cigarette Burns, Bicycle Accidents, Keloids, and Scar Serums

I’m not the kind of person to write reviews on things, but this is something that’s totally worth it.  It honestly has helped me feel better about myself, because people no longer see my horrible scar and grimace.  The product is Palmer’s Scar Serum, my bottle seen below:

Palmer's Scar Serum

Palmer’s Scar Serum! Photographed in my building’s staircase, haha. Classy, isn’t it?

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine who keeps wavering between quitting smoking and staying addicted pulled out a cigarette.  Like an idiot, I dove for it, to grab it and throw it away.  But he moved reflexively and it burned my middle finger.  It’s still tender, but feels mostly dry already, and raised scar tissue has formed.

Cigarette Burn.

Welt from a cigarette burn.

So I asked my sister to bring me back the Scar Serum that I lent her for her own keloid scar on her knee, to try and get rid of this thing :) It’s not that big, so I’m hoping it’ll go away in good time! To me it looks like a nasty wart on my hand, blegh.  It’s also still tender and sensitive, as scar tissue tends to be.

I had such AWESOMELY unreal results with my first bad scar on my own knee with this thing.  Six years ago, when I was in Japan, my host family tried to teach me to ride a bike.  I was doing alright till I went too fast on uneven ground, hit an irrigation canal while turning (we lived in the farmlands of Tokushima :D ) and smashed in to the ground.  My forearms got completely scraped up, with seashell shaped cuts radiating from elbow to wrist.  I had to keep this completely wrapped with bandages, because if I put my arm down on anything it hurt really badly, and because people would grimace if they saw it.  As for my knee…a whole chunk of skin went missing!  Some of it was still hanging on there, and dirt got wedged in.  I tried to pick out the dirt when I cleaned it out, but it was so obscenely painful I didn’t get everything out.  Two weeks later, I returned to New York and the wound started to smell.  My arms healed up scarless and good as new, but my knee…ugh.  My doctor here scolded me, saying I let this go on for too long.  It smelled because it was infected, and she said it was doubly dangerous because this was an infection close to a joint.  If the bacteria manages to get under my patella, in to my bones…then antibiotics will no longer be able to reach the bacteria, and I’m screwed.  I feared my leg could be lost, all from a stupid biking accident a couple weeks ago.

But I’m still here, whole and happy :)  I took antibiotics and dripped Oregano Oil over the wound, which is another miracle product I’m happily in love with.  This stuff is expensive, but the smell is great (smells like Italian food!!) and it’s a natural antiseptic.  It killed the bacteria on the surface, and in under a week the smell from my puss-oozing knee wound disappeared.  I got better eventually, but was left with a hideous keloid scar on my left knee.  It was shiny skin, a few shades darker than my regular skin, and raised about 1cm or so.  On your kneecap that’s very noticeable.

This is what a keloid looks like; pic is not me, I’m not a hairy man :P  Courtesy of Wikipedia:

It sucked having a keloid scar on my knee, and as a girl….I love wearing skirts and shorts and dresses in the Spring and Summer.  With a huge keloid on my knee, people would see it and again make a face.  Sometimes I’d cover it up with a bandaid when I didn’t want to deal with that, but it’s annoying to keep replacing a bandaid every time you shower.  My mom eventually bought the Palmer’s Scar Serum from the pharmacy and told me to apply it 3 times a day.  I didn’t see any results for a while, and this serum is extremely oily!  It also kinda smells like fish oil.  One of the ingredients is Shark Liver, I believe.  But don’t let that put you off, because it’s so worth it!!  Who cares if a TINY part of your body smells temporarily when it means you’re eliminating an eyesore FOREVER?  About six months later is when I finally realized it DID work it’s magic on me, and a year later my knee looked like this!!

Sorry, this is an unshaven leg XD  It’s practically winter here.  The scar skin is still shinier than my normal skin, but it has the cross-hatched pattern of my normal skin again.  The color is no longer reddish-purple and dark, but a normal and even tone :D  AND, if you check out the side-view pic, it’s completely smooth.  No more raised keloid!!!  People don’t even notice I had a scar there, not unless I mention it and point it out.  It’s so great, it’s hard to imagine sometimes how different my scar was before.

My sister has the same issue, from a post-op keloid scar on her knee cap.  After I’m done with this, the scar serum is going back to her.  I haven’t tried things like Mederma, since it’s like $26+….insane prices.  Haven’t tried Neosporin because that seems to be for fresh cuts that may become scars in the future.  Anyway, Palmer’s works like magic, and is completely worth the price, 100%.  Even though it’s only 1oz, it’s already lasted me over a year, plus probably 3 months or so that my sister has been using it…though I don’t know if she’s been using it consistently.  As you can see from the first pic of the bottle in this post, there’s still tons of it left!  What’s really great too is that it works on OLD scars.  Ones you thought were hopeless!!  My older cousin originally recommended Palmer’s to me, and he showed me the biking keloid on his elbow that it completely eliminated.  Again, like mine it was still a little shiny the way scar tissue is, but no raised bumps and no dark discoloration.  His biking accident was 12 years ago, and this scar serum took care of it!  Truly a great purchase, and I hope anyone else out there who hates their disfiguring scars gives it a try.

7 thoughts on “Cigarette Burns, Bicycle Accidents, Keloids, and Scar Serums

  1. Oh that looks really gross but for such a small burn you need to use the serum? That must of been a horrible biking accident though. Majority of my knee scars are all from biking but it doesn’t stop me it is still the best way to get around most cities that don’t put 10 points over your head ;) but I am curious where can you buy the serum and not online? Some reason I don’t trust drugs online ^^;

    • Haha, yeah I’m using serum because I find it ugly still :P And I already own the serum anyway. They should have it at CVS, I think it’s like $12? Which is way better than the freakishly expensive $26 of Mederma! I think they are preying on people’s fear of getting scarred for life, literally. Duane Reade and Walgreens probably have it too, but CVS is where my mom got mine.

      • How much po ba yan at sa mercury drug store meron po? Parehas po tayu ng case sa knee po kaso subrang old scar natu. Ilang months po ba nawawala at ilang bottle yung mauubos? Pls help po.

      • Hi! Sorry I didn’t see this till now. Hindi ko alam kung magkano ang bottle sa Mercury Drug or if Mercury Drug has it, kase I live in the US. It lasts a very long time, I used maybe 1/4 to 1/3 for months and then the scar disappeared. I’ve given the rest of the same bottle to my sister for her knee surgery scar since there was so much left! Hope it helps you!

  2. I have a keloid/ hypertrophic scar on my knee from a bad fall as well as it’s been haunting me :( just went to get the serum after seeing your post! Can I just ask how many times do you apply everyday? Also, how long did it take for you to start seeing some visible change on your scar? Thanks so much for sharing this, this could be my life-saver!!

    • Hi, so glad to hear my post helped you! Ideally you’ll want to apply it 3 times a day, but honestly, I did forget to apply a few times! So some days it was just once a day, and that’s okay too…it’ll just take a little longer to even out the scar. It took a few months for me to notice…I’d say about 4-6 months? It’s so gradual you really do not notice it till you are a while in. I’d recommend taking a photo of how your scar is now, so you can compare it and see if it’s working for you. Good luck!

  3. Hi! I’am a Filipina is that available here in the Philippines? I have a keloid in my knee also. I got it in motor accident.

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