New York At Night: Real or Unreal?

F train, 14 Street.

The F train station at 14th street, 6th avenue.

It’s 3am.  You just had a bottle of sake, 2 tall glasses of whiskey on the rocks, a PBR, and an extra shot of whiskey for the road.  When you close your eyes, the world spins, so you fight to keep them open…despite their weight.  On the subway ride home, people give you looks as you sway with the train’s movements, eyes drowsy and tired. They’re the normal people, simply looking out for themselves.  Honestly, if another person walked on this train and reeked of alcohol, you would be wary as well.

You climb out of the station and notice that there are three people waiting for the daylight.



It’s cold, but “only” 45F out.  Not freezing point at all.  Nevertheless, there are people who are less fortunate, and they cling to any warmth they can get in life.  The subway system of NYC is one of the best places.  As long as they awaken early enough, they can enjoy the warm rest and get out before the police begin their AM patrol.

Once past the sleeping homeless people of New York, you head towards the 16th street entrance and notice there is a young man standing there, back to one of the green support pillars.  His baggy jeans are down around his ankles, his fist is around his cock.  He rubs it, fast, furious, saying something about Chinese.  You’re Chinese, by the way, so you rush on ahead.  Too nervous about what youv’e just witnessed to snap a picture to shame the young man.

Upstairs, out in the open, you breathe the fresh air and enjoy the chill.  With all those whiskeys running through your blood, the cold night air is completely welcome.  You look across the street, and you see this:



One had to wonder, was he … dead?  Was he sleeping over the subway grate for warmth?  Was he even here at all?  At 3am, I am sorry to say that I had no idea what I was looking at.  I was still jarred up from the man who was jacking off.  Was this even a PERSON?  I didn’t know.  I kept going.  And perhaps this is what’s wrong with society. But in my alcohol-simplified mind, nothing else occurred to me.

An ambulance raced by minutes after I passed this block.  Not sure if it contained the fallen, sleeping man, or if it contained someone else who was not fortunate in life.

On the bright side, the Holiday Market has been erected in Union Square.

Holiday Market Union Square

Beginning stages of the Holiday Market in Union Square.

Sometimes in New York City, there are times when you look, you see, but you just…DON’T KNOW.

Real or Unreal?


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