My Hobby #1: Lining up the Seams

Lining up the Seams

It’s almost second nature; today I looked down and my feet were already in position.  There are several “lines” on the subway platform here in New York City, similar to the seams you see on sidewalk pavement squares.  This one is just behind the highlighter-yellow edge, before the drop off to the tracks.

I like lining up the seams of my boots with it.  I don’t know why, but I do, and it gives me horribly wonderful pleasure to stand like this.  Then I go back to my reading or daydreaming.

I wasn’t going to post something so mundane here, but blipfoto is down…so I may as well put it here instead and start a new category for stupid stuff I like to do (^_^).

Oh, and I wear these boots almost every day…so I am very accustomed to where the seams on it are.  These and my quilted riding boots are my uniform during Fall and Winter.  Boots are the only thing that I feel comfortable in since my duck feet are so wide in the toe area!


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