To New Beginnings.

A Chicago sunset on my cousin's wedding.

A Chicago sunset on my cousin’s wedding. Taken with a Canon PowerShot.

Or:  “Tomorrow is a Latter Day!”  for any Book of Mormon fans :)

End of an era, dawn of a new one.  After deciding enough frustration was enough, I decided to no longer update that ugly thing called Live Journal. But for reference, a link to it can be found here, and I hit the import button on WordPress for all my old stuff.  Whether or not it worked 100%…I’m unwilling to check.  So everything OLDER than this post is from my Live Journal.

And hello, WordPress!!!  Like many people, I’ve always wanted a blog, I’ve always wanted to write…but never put much effort in to it.  This can’t wait for a New Year’s Resolution….some of the best things I’ve done in life were driven by a whim.  Like taking Japanese classes, and now I’m conversational and can watch daily-life dramas without subtitles.  Or saying yes to a first date, and ending up with 3 years (and counting) of a wonderful relationship with my boyfriend.

Why I want to Blog [in no order]:

  1. Establish a habit.  I’m sick of being that person who always starts things and never finishes.  After doing for a few weeks, I’ve finally experienced the satisfaction writing every day can give.  Hitting an ‘X’ consecutively made me feel great – it was something I actually finished for once.  This means that a lot of my posts would be about 750 words or more…but that brings us to the next bit…
  2. Have a record.  This is probably one of the biggest reasons people write post after post in to the world wide web, with zero comments on everything.  Why do we keep going, what is in it for us?  It’s not fame, it’s not recognition…we have none of that.  What we crave, or what I crave, is simply a writing outlet.  It’s damn nice to be able to look back over the months, over the years and see the outcome of old passions and grievances. Sometimes it’s impossible to simply vent to friends about the day.  Sometimes, it’s your FRIENDS that you wanna vent about!  Popular bloggers, by and far, hold their tongue when it comes to getting nasty.  So erm…yeah….this is a log of my life.  A web log.
  3. A way to practice writing.  I can’t explain why I get a need to write, but there’s a certain joy in articulating the flashes of images and feelings in your brain in to words that meet English syntax. It’s a feat, and I’d like to get better at it.
  4. A way to practice photography.  As much as we may want people to eagerly await every word we write unto the internet, people just don’t like looking at blogs that are pure text.  I find it depressing whenever I see someone on IMDB write a huge, long, well-thought out post about something. It isn’t always a blurb that supports what I believe, but when someone puts that much effort, it doesn’t have to be.  These long posts are 100% always followed by at least 2 assholes who say, “TOO LONG, DIDN’T READ”.  Blog posts ought to have photos whenever possible, and I happen to want to practice taking more pictures per day.  I already have an account on blipfoto to take one photo a day, but I’ve done a poor job of maintaining. So why not latch that goal on to the back of 750words?  Whenever I draw and it’s not NDA, I’ll post those too, as well as on my DeviantArt.
  5. Self-Esteem.  I’m being honest here.  Like I mentioned above, it feels great to look back and actually SEE that you’ve done something.  Feels really, really great.

One thought on “To New Beginnings.

  1. It’s also great to read how other people are accomplishing things!
    Two things= I hope you find wordpress suits you better, and that picture is absolutely gorgeous. Going to do some searching now, and see if you make a habit of putting awesome pictures up…

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