Hurricane Sandy Prep: Nostalgic Batteries

Subtitle: I am not prepared.

South Street Seaport: before Irene

South Street Seaport before Hurricane Irene, last year.

I live across the street from the East River and the mayor said my neighborhood (Zone A) had to evacuate. Trains and buses will shut down at 7PM, water *might* shut off, power may get cut. I traded up from Zone A to Zone C, at my mom’s place a couple miles north and a little more inland.  I wasn’t thinking of evacuating but technically my home is below sea level, and my mom is the one thing that is scarier than a storm.  Best not to fight your mother if you can avoid it. She said we needed to have a battery-run radio handy for the news, so I popped it open and…wow….

Nostalgic batteries!
The last time we used batteries on this radio must have been 1991…during the LAST “Perfect Storm”!

My mom’s brother, whom I live with, refused to evacuate with me.  He grew up in the Philippines and is completely used to flooding and black-outs, so he thinks Sandy is nothing.  Which may be true, but I still think he should play it safe.  New York City isn’t accustomed to tropical storms and hurricanes, so it’s still something to be concerned with…plus since we live by the docks, NON-hurricanes can flood it.  I’ve seen it happen, I’ve smelt it.  It STINKS when all the fish wash up on shore, and takes maybe 2 weeks for it to clear out.

More pics I took of my neighborhood when it prepared for our last hurricane, during the last evacuation of Zone A.

South Street Seaport: before Irene.

Sandbags to belay flooding.

Sandbags to belay flooding.

Taped windows in case they shatter.

Taped windows in case they shatter.

Calling home before the storm.

Calling home before the storm.


2 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy Prep: Nostalgic Batteries

  1. Turns out you do put awesome pictures up.
    I’ll follow you good sir/madam.
    Best wishes with Sandy, I hope everything works out ok.

    • Thanks, TheCylinderBook! It’s very encouraging to hear someone out there appreciates my photos :) And it’s madam, but we can always pretend we’re in the Battlestar Galactica world and you can all me either.

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