Blurry picture, but today marks the beginning of my taste trials of Whole Foods coffee! I’ve always wanted to try theirs since they write the date of when the beans were roasted, and you can grind it right there in the store. Other coffee fanatics tell me this is the best way to get strong coffee. Drink it fresh! It doesn’t last too much longer than a week…which is very short…so I just got roughly 4oz. of the cheapest – Pacific Rim. I used a coarse setting to grind it, thinking I could use the French Press at home. But it was dirty and had tea leaves in it from when my Uncle had used it earlier today…so I just put it in the regular drip coffee machine thing. It still worked, but I’m not sure if this is really optimal for flavor. One scoop, one mug’s worth of water. The smell was great, the coffee that came out was a little dirty (some grounds escaped the filter). But stuff like that doesn’t bother me. I put a light splash of whole milk in to it, and took a sip. In hindsight, I probably should have taken the first sip before dumping in some milk. Oh well!
It’s not bad, but not amazing. Definitely WAY better than crappy, bitter, Dunkin Donuts. I can always tell when we have a Dunkin Donuts shoot at work, because those days the coffee will taste AWFUL. We’re required to use their product even for the staff, for some reason. Folgers is also really terrible…it’s no wonder I used to dump so much sugar in to my coffee. I’ll try more than one scoop next time and see if that alters the taste for the better. Maybe I just need my coffee to be REALLY strong.
Usually I like things on the bland side. The exceptions are cheese, coffee, and curry. Oh, and peanut butter ox tail (kare kare), specifically.


I sent over the sketches I made of yesterday’s character, and the writer just got back to me about it today. He LOVED it, with all capital letters :) This is very encouraging! But of course I think he was a very easy character to make, because he uses a lot of military gear. And that stuff always looks cool! The others are a bit of a struggle, but it’s fun to R&D them. I wonder, though, whether I can be consistent at drawing these characters over and over. It can be difficult to keep faces looking the same….these are undisciplined hands…!!! I bet this is why a lot of comics rely on flashy clothing and hairstyles to identify their characters. It’s to distract and trick you in to thinking it’s the same person!
Even more fun, looks like two of my coworkers agreed to create an iPhone game with me! One will probably do matte paintings and direct everybody, the other will be a programmer (who always has an opinion, sometimes good sometimes annoying), and then there’s me…who’s apparently commissioned to do the most difficult part. Draw. All. The. Characters. AGH!! Hahahaha. It’s just that in my head, there are so, so many….it’s gonna be like designing an entire deck of cards, if all 52 were face cards. But I do want some mindless drawing practice, so this could be a great thing. And it’s a game I’d want to play, so even if it doesn’t sell well…I get to play it!


There’s something about Autumn. That chill in the air, the falling leaves, the orange-red colors…the smell and sights of change…it makes you want to change your entire closet. Because everything you thought you loved, everything you carefully hand picked out of the boutiques and department stores of the greatest city in the world is just magically AWFUL and BORING!!! Last night, I went out to SoHo with a friend after work, and it was awful. We enable each other, only stopping and saying “no” if it’s hideous and doesn’t fit right. But you kinda like it? And it fits you, but you don’t really have an occasion to wear it? Annnd you don’t really need another shirt or tunic? Treat yo’self :P If only more people watched Parks & Recreation. Whenever I see something and I think, what the hell, you deserve it, I wanna shout “treat yo’self!” And I do. But no one seems to know where it’s from. Oh well, it works on my sister!

Stuff I got last night:

– Beige and shiny metallic thread tunic from EXPRESS
– Purple button-down blouse with lace sleeves from EXPRESS
– Red plaid shorts from Forever21
– Dark grey chain knot necklace, long, from Forever21 (not in picture)
– Adjustable Scarlet bra, in navy blue, from American Eagle (not in picture)

I got more online…stuff from AE….we’ll see if they get kept or not once they come in.


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