Can Brains Burn Out?

Ahhh, the week is wasting away!! Sometimes I wonder if I feel like time is wasted because I haven’t done enough, or if it’s completely impossible to ever do “enough”. The one and only time I ever got a facial (courtesy of an aunt), they let you alone for 20 minutes in the room and dim the lights. Relaxing music plays, a warm towel heats your face, and your entire body is TIGHTLY tucked in to the bed. By all means, it’s exactly the scenario necessary to fall asleep.


My mind was racing, I kept trying to shift positions in the bed (impossible since they tucked me in so well). I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t relax. My aunt, in the bed a few feet away from mine, started snoring about 3 minutes in to it.

Another time, I went to the BODIES exhibit here in South Street Seaport, and they had this brainwave game. There is a table with a tiny ball in the center…same exact size and look as the ball from old, non-optical computer mice. You and another person sit across from each other at this table, and put on a hair-net of receptors. The screen on the wall above the table shows a graph of your brain activity. The point of this game is you need to push the ball to your opponents side, all the way. And, counter-intuitively, the only way to push it forward is to RELAX.
I sat down, put on the hair net.
The game said GO.
My brainwaves on the graph just skyrocketed as soon as I put the net on, and I seriously could NOT calm it down, what the hell. We thought maybe it was broken, so a friend sat down in my seat (my boyfriend in the other)…and NOPE…..they battled it out pretty well, both were able to relax. Ugh!!

Three is the magic number, so here is the most recent incidence of my inability to relax. When I went to Comic Con, there was this one product that sounded really awesome. It was called Necomimi, and as the name suggests, it’s cat ears! You put on the headband and a little sensor goes against your forehead. I have to say, the black sensor is aesthetically unpleasing…even as someone with bangs and black hair. Another black piece clips on to your earlobe. Maybe it’s another sensor..but it just seemed like a clip. The ears were pretty well made, varied in a lot of fur patterns. So this product was supposed to measure your brainwaves, and would contort the ears based on your “mood”. Really I think all it does is go though a few different ear positions depending on how active your brain is. So if you’re anxious or high processing, your ears will stick straight up at attention, because you’re super-alert. If you’re relaxed they will tilt down, and sometimes it can go one up and one down, depending on your brain activity.
Other people put the headband on and it worked as advertised.
I put it on….AND IT GOT STUCK AT ATTENTION. The only way to get it down was to take it off my head! My brain really just won’t relax. Oh well, I think that product was $200 anyway…so it’s good that it didn’t work on me. Less reason for me to buy it!



I think we’re technically NDA so I won’t post any pics, but I’m helping my sister out with designing some characters for a comic she and an old classmate are collaborating on. It’s pretty exciting, and I love the dystopian type of setting. It’s definitely challenging to design characters however…especially when they all live in the same world, and there are so many men! For one thing, men are harder for me to draw. A lot of people usually get stuck being better at drawing one gender over the other, and I am one of those people. But I’m getting better, and they definitely look male! It’s just hard for me to get the proportions at times…like….head will sometimes be too small. With females, this is almost never a problem. Kind of an odd place to have issues, I suppose.
A big issue with designing for comic books too…is that it is VERY tempting to get elaborate with your clothing designs. And maybe for a 3D game like Final Fantasy, that’s totally cool…because you only have to create 1 (or 2) models of the character, ONCE. Then you have that level of elaborate detail throughout the entire game, and you can pose them however you want. But with a comic, you yourself have to draw those goggles, that scarf, the tassels, the laces in those boots over and over and over…per page…for hundreds or thousands of pages. It could totally break you. And at the same time you don’t want it to be too plain, or too generic that people can’t tell what character they’re looking at.


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