Inappropriate Joke of the Day

Working at HM today. There’s a guy there who is very friendly but also very strange. You’d never know until he opened his mouth. Long black hair in a ponytail, but not unclean, medium build, not fat but not fit. Totally inconspicuous. This is the guy who, to his very apparent embarrassment, told me that his username was “ballsdeep”. He claims to have chosen it because he never thought he’d have to give it to a girl.

He came down to our floor today, from up above where the producers, accountants, and the artsy people are. The people with windows and fresh air. He came down to chat and saw that my computer was filled with videos of title sequences from movies, where characters are freeze-framed introduced. This guy jokingly says that he’s psychic, that he can tell what it is I’m working on. He guesses correctly that I’m working on an introductory sort of animation. He takes the joke even further, saying that he’s so psychic he can even guess what color underwear I’m wearing. This guy immediately leaves after this, as if anticipating wrath.

There is no wrath, because I’m completely shocked. This happened, really? Well, I am the only girl working there on the computers. Any other female is an accountant, receptionist, or some kind of producer. At least I’m assuming that’s what the other woman is, the one who does nothing but complain about her own boyfriend. Maybe she sticks with this boyfriend because she loves to hate on him…like how TV dramas always have some character in it that everyone loves to hate.

Same guy, separate story, still happened today. He told me yesterday, while leaving work, that we should all get lunch together, the whole group of us. I waited for this to happen, because for some reason not one of us lower worker people EVER go upstairs to the sunlight. Like in the heart of corporate America, the more important you are the more high up in the building you physically are. Similarly, although those in the penthouse can come down to walk among us, the producer on my project just LOVES to hit the intercom button next to me instead. I absolutely hate it. It makes this loud beep noise before the voice begins, and it really sets me on edge. Luckily, this time he is not doing it every ten minutes like last time. However, I’m straying from this particular story. The point is, I can’t go up there, it’s an unwritten rule that I can’t. I don’t know his extension, his instant messenger username, so all I can do is wait at my computer, doing more work, while my stomach growls as lunch time ticks by.

He later comes down at around 1PM, maybe a little past. He seems me and his smile fades. He says he’s sorry, he forgot. Tomorrow’s another day, but one of our workers will be out, and this seemed to diminish his sails about eating with everyone outside. I’m starting to think he is too nervous to have us eat together alone. Which is fine. We don’t even have to eat outside alone, we could totally just grab food outside and bring it back to the communal table, three steps away from my work terminal. That’s totally okay too.

However in reality….I just want to get out of there. I don’t want to stay there longer than I have to, and when lunch comes around….I don’t want to order food with people. I want to go outside, find and eat my lunch in ten minutes, then wander around the streets of daytime NYC for 40 minutes. By my self. Away from those people. Possibly while on the phone with my boyfriend. I like him a lot. I don’t like HM a whole lot. There are so many frustrating things about HM….it would take me another 750 words to type it all out.

Two more days to get through. I hope I can make it. Tonight I left at 8:15pm, who knows how much worse it will get the closer to the weekend we go. They wanted to book me for Saturday and Sunday too. Hah! Nice try but I’ve at least learned THAT lesson over the years. It isn’t worth working on the weekends, I don’t need the money that badly!

Financial Update

Did some data entry on my Excel sheet of my expenditures. Guess what…ten days in to October (Happy Double-Ten, by the way! Taiwan independence…except it’s not really independent…) and I’m already $1500 down. This is not counting the vacation I went on in September, we’re talking about October only. Rent, health insurance, and the very expensive, $425 introductory sewing classes I just bought have really put a drain on my wallet. Also, I got myself a ticket to Meet the Breeds and I’m quite excited for that. A friend may be able to score me a free pass to NY Comic Con. There’s no costume for me to wear, for neither NYCC nor Halloween itself. Not much funds for it either. So I’ll just be 1/1000 weirdoes there with a camera, if I can get in. But next year…NEXT YEAR…I’ll have the sewing skills to make an awesome Halloween costume, finally!!!! And to get as much recognition for it I’ll have to make sure it’s something I could bring to NYCC too.


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