There’s No One to Blame But Me.

“Welcome back, Tiffany. How was your summer? Great! Let me tell you about what you’re going to be doing today. We have to make some lower thirds for like a hundred artists and song titles, and the client wants you to make something “bubbly”, something to show that these artists are just BUBBLING under. I mean over. I mean they’re bubbling up in to the scene. Make it bubbly, you know, to show that they’re about to pop.

“Okay, so create some transitions for this bubbly lower third and we’ll present it to the client in half an hour. I’ll check in on ya later!”

Thirty minutes? Excuse me?

I spent 20 minutes of that time drinking really terrible Keurig Starbucks coffee. No milk, no creamer, no sugar. Why do people like this stuff? It’s bland and terrible, and just doesn’t taste like coffee. It’s black colored water. It’s weird! While drinking I tread to reap some inspiration from the internet. It was fairly fruitless. Time ticked on, and I panicked. In ten minutes, I threw something together to send off to the client. I had zero confidence in it, in fact I thought it was so bad I was embarrassed to send it off. But it was a pencils-down kind of time, I had to submit it.

A few minutes later, we receive feedback from the client. They love it.

They. Love it.


I was speechless, I didn’t know what to do. Online, I relayed this turn of events over to the guy I consider my boss, even though I’m technically freelance. He’s at the studio where I wish I was this week, but due to scheduling that I’ll recount later, they were not able to book me for this week. My boss then made this meme for me:

When you make something embarrassingly ugly in 10 minutes ... and the client likes it.

I sent it to my sister a few minutes later, it was quite funny. She and my boss then tell me that this meme has already made the rounds in our industry’s online circle, via the IM network we are all constantly logged in to from 10-10pm, and it is incredibly popular. I suppose when you distill everything we do, this is how we always see it. We start with something amazing, spectacular, something you’d call artistic. And the client will always whittle it down to its bare-bone hideousness. And love it. Geez. I just cut out the middle-man somehow.

Anyway, in terms of scheduling…I had 3 studios vying for my attention this month. L&G released me for most of October, so I quickly put the word out that I needed some work. Two studios got back to me, and my month filled up fast with holds….I’m at HM right now, and was able to get TS to release me for next week. This way I could return to L&G, and play with robots! When next week comes around there ought to be another challenge coming up soon. I don’t really want to go to TS. I agreed to give them a high-priority hold because I was worried about having zero work for October. But when will I get it through my head that it’s OKAY? It’s OKAY not to work constantly…it’s OKAY to take a break! I’m not starving, I have money saved up. I charge what I charge because of the furlough days I may have to take. I’m good with my money and I don’t spend nearly as much as others do….if I pull out my Excel sheets where I track where my money goes (the old school way, the ledger way), I’ve got about 40-60% of my monthly income going in to savings. I’d like to thank Chinatown for a lot of this. My food expenses are only as tall as a mushroom….L&G buys me lunch every weekday….I drink free coffee at work for breakfast and scavenge fruits to fill the rest of it. When clients are over, I get an extra snack in the day – Client cheese is the best tasting cheese.

Slowly, I’m letting myself spend a little without the guilt. Tonight I’m going to buy myself one ticket to Meet the Breeds (everyone else I asked backed out). Then I’m going to buy myself a $425 introductory sewing course. It sounds like a lot all at once…but dammit, I’m tired of wishing I could sew. Maybe after this I’ll know how to hem my own pants, how to take in the waist of my jeans so both the hip AND waist will fit me, mini-skirts will actually hit my thigh and not mid-butt, and I’ll have an awesome Halloween costume for 2013.


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