Ask And You Shall Receive

Every time I need to call someone who isn’t already my friend, I scribble down a list of “talking points”.

Sometimes it’s one line, sometimes it’s five. Doesn’t matter how long it is, I just get so nervous talking to people that my mind goes blank. When I need to confront someone, even a faceless corporation with decent customer service…forget it…my heart races, cold sweat covers me, my hands lose feeling up to the wrists. But after years of forcing myself to confront this issue head on, as of today I’m finally becoming more sane!

I argue with salespeople when they pull rules out of their asses that don’t exist, like “in order to use this coupon you need to buy x amount” – except it doesn’t say that anywhere in the coupon’s fine print. Or when an online store charges tax when it shouldn’t be charging, or like today when I called another clothing store and asked why I have not received the promised discount rewards. I gave them hundreds of dollars this year, they were supposed to give me something back. Oh yeah, and one of their employees at a physical store told me she was transferring my account to a new rewards card for me, since I lost mine. She pushed a bunch of buttons on the machine, beep boop beep, and a month later I still got nothing. Called customer service, that lady did NOTHING, no record of anyone sending out another card. And yet she told me I should expect the card to come in the mail in a few weeks. And this is why Times Square sucks…unless you are there for a Broadway show. The workers in the Times Square American Eagle are the worst, most irresponsible and totally flat out LIE to your face about policies. Every other branch I’ve been to, people are excessively helpful and it’s great. Not in Times Square. And to think AE is so proud of that place, what a garbage dump of humans.


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