Photo Blog! - 2012 May 18

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My friend showed me this site called Blipfoto, where it encourages you to take one photo per day. The difference with this over doing it all on your own? It penalizes you for uploading a photo that is from a different date! So that’s kinda cool, I’m going to try it out and see how far I can get!

It was so pretty out today, 70F and no humidity. I walked an extra 10 blocks before taking the train home….along with a pitstop at American Eagle to buy things :x. The plan was just to try stuff on, so I know if these things would fit well if there’s ever an online sale. And the good thing is that I really did talk myself out of buying certain things I eyed on the site, since they looked terrible in person. Just shoddy quality. But then I found 3 things I never thought I would buy…and bought them :x

2 flowery dresses; I don’t own anything similar. It’s kind of hipstery, but also kind of cute. I will suffer the ridicule for the cuteness!

1 plaid shirt that I, at first, thought had awful colorblind colors. But then I tried it on and it’s not only got a nice shape, it feels sooo soft. Good to wear to work with some skinny jeans.


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