Thank You, Thank You

In light of how I usually complain about stuff here, I thought it’d be good to talk about a few times I was recently complimented :) Horray! Happy things!

Last night, my sister called me for a video chat on Skype. Mostly it was to figure out our car rental situation for Los Angeles, but she then asked me for my input on one of her side projects. A friend asked her to design a wedding invitation (or a Save the Date; is there a difference?) in a Steampunk style. It was really flattering just to be asked for input, since I’m, you know, the younger sister. Normally I can’t give advice to an older sister. She just isn’t open to it. So she screen shared the invitation in Adobe Illustrator, and I took a look, complimented what was looking awesome so far, and offered a few design pointers. Nothing too big I don’t think, just some editing stuff like, change the alignments of this and that to direct the viewer’s eye to the important part of it…fix some kerning/spacing issues between a few of the letters….showing her a few hotkeys that would severely help this whole process be less frustrating and clunky…noting to remember to keep fonts and color schemes limited to what is already present. No more than 3, I’d say, though 2 is possibly better.

She emailed me later today with the final version of it, and a message saying “Thanks! My friend loved it!” It’s very validating to be thanked :D There isn’t enough gratitude in daily life~

Okay, I would not consider myself a great writer, but I think I meet a certain standard of decency. And even then, that’s because the world is so filled with garbage writers who mix up simple sayings, like “effect” and “affect”, and “irregardless”. Or published authors who write about how their character “slammed the door in his face”, when the slamee was yards away from the actual door. You know, I don’t think that counts, it’s basic physics.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, my boyfriend asked me to design a character sprite for a running game he wanted to make (as a hobby). I started concepting a character (see below, the largest drawing in the bunch). The thing is, when you design how a character looks, you end up figuring out some world building stuff as well, since it affects what she wears and looks like in general. I built up a world and a reason for her to be running, a post apocalyptic reason, and sent the blurb with the sketch to my boyfriend.

In game design, there’s something called the Core Experience. From what I understand, that covers the entire player experience…and is related to how you tie story elements together with the gameplay mechanics, punishment/rewards system, incentive to keep playing, and aesthetic layout. It gives meaning to everything and ties them together, in a way that immerses you in to the game/story. It was nice to hear that I was able to tie all these things together to create an ‘experience’ that made someone want to play it. Even if that person is the guy I’m dating ;) But it makes me wanna work on it more, it’s definitely very encouraging.

More of my other sketches and such can be found here, at


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