I Want to be Chased.

Finally, I’ve come to this realization…I like being pursued. I like the chase, but not just that, I like being chased. I like the tease, I like the give and pull and run and turn and beckon.

I like getting close to a guy, barely brushing my lips against his while my eyes stare in to his, and then pulling away with a grin. Or pulling him close by the belt-buckle, then tossing him aside. It’s fun. It’s…empowering :) To know that you can make another person react in such a way, to know that you can make someone lose all willpower. I could press up close to a guy, close enough to share a breath, then reach in for a kiss…with my scarf between us.

Having a 3rd wheel on a date, or being on a group outing is usually one of the places where I can get things started….but most of the fun is when we’re alone, we’re on a bed, and I just don’t let him get what he wants until I’m done playing this game. I don’t like to get too heavy with it when other people I know could possibly see. Too much PDA aversion. It’s hard to get comfortable with that.

We could do nothing all night, and I’ll still be completely satisfied by the next day, just from the feeling of being pursued. It’s nice to feel wanted.


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