Tomorrow’s Going to be a Long Day

I’m getting tired just thinking about it. Gotta get over to Union Square by 6AM (but preferably before then) with my Canon Rebel T2i. My boss will be there shooting interviews of the Farmer’s Market people; those unloading, those selling, and those buying. Hopefully we even get chefs and sous chefs! It at least sounds very interesting. Me and my lowly camera, we’re going to be there for the B-Roll shots – the atmospheric stuff that we can cut in to the film. That way when someone’s rambling on about this or that, we don’t have to keep showing his face. We can just put his voice over a pretty montage of B-Roll footage; maybe someone chopping up some samples or stacking fruit.

I’ve never filmed anything before, let alone filmed something for professional use. So this will be interesting, at the very least….and challenging.

All’s I got is one lens – Canon EF 50mm f/1.4. Supposedly it looks nice. We shall see. I mean. It’s in MY hands. :S

Side Note: I ran 5k yesterday (with some walking in between the bursts of 9min mile running). My legs still feel great a day later, only a very mild soreness on the thighs! It’s great! I’m on Week 4, Day 2 of Couch to 5k.


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