Insurance Discrimination

Despite the “high prices” that freelancers appear to charge, the fact of the matter is we need to do that in order to survive the days that we aren’t working. Work can be so on and off that I legally qualify for Medicaid. And it sounds great – free healthcare, maximum $3 for pharmaceuticals, no copay for doctors/specialists, and this even includes basic preventative dental care (basically a checkup/cleaning every 6 months).

The awful thing is, once people know what insurance I have, I get turned away at the counter. That’s right…INSURANCE DISCRIMINATION. I could go on and on about this. For instance, there was that time that I located an Ophthalmologist on my insurance’s website (run by a private insurance company but funded by the US government), got a referral from my PCP, I had everything in order. I went up to the counter, gave them my card to scan while filing out the “new patient” forms, and the receptionist’s smile fades away. “We don’t accept MEDICAID here.” She wouldn’t talk to me after that, just kept repeating that they don’t accept Medicaid. So, I got turned away….

I then called my insurance to make sure, they told me this should not be happening. I went back and wouldn’t leave till they let me be seen. They’re on my network, I had a proper referral. It’s ridiculous.

The WORST experience though, is with my Gynecologist. They say adult females should see one every year for an annual checkup, especially since catching cervical cancer early would drastically increase my chances of survival. Anyway, I called the hospital to set up an appointment. This is a very reputable hospital in the city, and just happens to be the one I was also born in. It’s huge with many buildings and has a lot of well-known doctors. I called at the end of January and the receptionist told me they had several dates available; February 23-26, at several different timeslots throughout the day.

I ask to take the earliest.

The receptionist asks what my insurance is.

After I tell her, she asks me to hold on one second. 10 minutes later, she returns and says the next available time for me is END OF MARCH.

Wow….so I expect to wait a month or so for a gyno appointment, but 3 months??? I asked her what happened to the February timeslot. She ignored my question and just kept repeating that the next available time is in MARCH.

What the FUCK.

When I kept asking what happened to February, she then said that I should just take March and keep calling back every day to see if anyone cancelled their appointment, so I can be moved up. Obviously as someone who works full time, I can’t really take out time in the day to sit through their machine to navigate to that receptionist’s desk. So it’s very detrimental.

Seriously, man.

What happened to February????


I wait the 3 months and do some serious overtime at work…pretty much from January through March I OT’ed. Then it’s the end of March, and the day before my appointment, I get a phone call.

APPOINTMENT CANCELLED, doctor has to go to some meeting.

I called them to reschedule and they told me to wait another month.



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