Shiba Inu?

I really want a doggie!!! Specifically a Shiba Inu. They’re so clean looking and I hear they are very loyal – a true soldier who will fight for me! I was thinking maybe it’s possible if me and my sister share custody of one. While it’s still a puppy, she’d have to stay with one person for that time…most likely my sister. My uncle hates animals, so I fear he would possibly abuse my poor dog. On the other hand, if she stays with me then I could carry her to work!

We tried to think up names tonight, but came up with useless things…like “Pork”. I told my sister that “Sidewalk” and “Pizza” were awful names, so she suggested “Table” instead. That is quite unladylike, that name is. Maybe something that can also be numbers, like “27” (ni-na) or “32” (mi-ni). Or that old beeper-speak, “4649” (yo-ro-shi-ku). Wouldn’t it be cool to train the dog in another language, so that people on the street can’t command her? Haha. That’d be a double edged sword. But I’d get to scream “Oosuwari!” Hahah. In all honesty though, I think a lot of people train their dogs with a lot of English terms, despite whatever language they themselves speak.

And the other benefit of being able to trade this hypothetical pet Shiba Inu off with my sister is – one of us can go on vacation without having to find a sitter. Horray! We just can’t travel with each other, but that’s possibly a good thing. Traveling exacerbates our annoyances with each other.


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