How Much Does Your Room Say About You?

As I lay in bed, doing the opposite of cleaning my room, I remembered what this place used to look like. When I was little, anime and video game posters were my wallpaper. There was no white space, each poster would overlap. Final Fantasy VII, Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Ah! Megami-sama!, all that old stuff. It made me happy to look up and see all the bright colors. Then one day, I realized that I found it embarrassing when people came over and saw it. They’d stop, they’d stare, they’d just say, “Oh. Wow.” Deadpan. I didn’t know if that was good or bad, so I assumed it was negative and took it all down. Besides, I was halfway through high school! Posters are for elementary school kids.

And now, I’m 24 and live in the same room. I look at the white walls, the haphazard shelves, my half-opened drawers. I look around and I think, if someone came in here right now they would not learn a thing about me. Not unless they looked INSIDE something. I no longer had my personality on the walls. It’s all in either my diary (a physical notebook filled with handwriting) or my laptop/desktop computer. My stuffed animals are gone. My pictures are gone. Everything’s digital, really. I don’t buy physical books anymore, though I’ll make an exception for The Last Unicorn soon.


  • Self Care: They’ll see my deodorant and know that I get stinky. Nair bottles show that I’m self-conscious about body hair. There’s a half empty bottle of Neutrogena make up remover, oil-free. One might guess that I like make up on a budget, since it’s a drugstore brand, and that I use it quite often. One would be half wrong – it’s half empty because my boyfriend spilled it on my bed. I barely put makeup on. The only other well-used item is a pot of PONDS facial moisturizer.
  • Clothing: They’ll see my pile of half-worn clothes and think I’m either very indecisive (true) or I don’t like doing laundry (also true). I stick to greyscale colors, as New Yorkers are wont to do, with the rare splash of coral. As for accessories, there is almost none to speak of. Just some childish things like a necklace with a robot pendant, or a cheap ring shaped like a ribbon.
  • “TO DO” lists litter the floor, only a third to one half crossed out. I am bad at finishing things.
  • The Bookshelf contains only PS3 video games or Sci-Fi novels, like Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series. The one nicely bound tome is “Grey’s Anatomy”, the medical book and not the television show.
  • Electronics like my PS3, MacBook Pro, and awesome desktop PC suggest that I like playing games and I care about how they look. Unfortunately, people would see my MBP and think I have a lot of money and that I am prone to splurge. Mac haters fall in this category. If we were looking at the files on my laptop, they’d see that I need the MBP’s power for my studio work, but that’s not how this game goes. Perhaps they will think electronics is the one place I splurge, since I have no jewelry or expensive-looking clothes; not even pricey, $22/item makeups. There’s a nearly empty roll of paper towels next to the computer, which suggest I spill things a lot there. A lot a lot.
  • My Bed is always unmade, with blue striped sheets, 2 star covered pillows and one blue body pillow. I’m not sure how to interpret this, except that it’s not very feminine and I like to sleep on my side.
  • So, maybe it does say a little something-something about myself, even with the bare walls and lack of decorations. Not all of it positive. I dunno. I get bored with my room.


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