Continuing Theme: Super Poor Spring, 2012!

  Strangely enough, I'm still not sleepy.  But, coworkers report that my eyes are wider than usual and filled with crazy.  I suppose that's a bad sign.  Why can't I use this super-power of staying awake for when I actually need it, like during that stupid Nike project we all OT'd on?  I'll try to focus on some positive things, for my own sake.


  Unfortunately, it was only 2 weeks worth of pay….out of 7 weeks.  And if you count this current week, that means they still owe me 6 weeks worth of checks.  I have to check my papers for the exact amount, because there was a lot of overtime in there, but they owe me at least $11,000.  It's basically like they haven't paid me for an entire quarter of the year.  My boss apologized to me, and said they may have to let me go for one week in May.  This is fine, as long as they hire me back right after.  We're supposed to get a job in Mid-May….but then of course….May 15 is when Diablo III gets released!  Too bad I can't take THAT week off instead!  And the last week of May, I need to take off for my cousin's wedding in Santa Barbara, CA.

  My extremely rough price estimate for the California trip (in which we also travel to Los Angeles) will probably cost me $1000, give or take a few hundred.  I'm trying to be generous, considering I don't know how much gas we will be guzzling up, and I don't know how expensive food will be.  Some friends from my Taiwan trip live there, but it sounds like they have expensive dinner choices…and another set of friends that we're staying with (in lieu of a hotel) love to drink….that would probably cost us a lot as well.

  Understanding that, it makes me even more relieved that I said no to my boyfriend's invitation to go drinking with his friends.  It's fun and all, but Sat ~ Tuesday is too much expense for me.  I usually only go out once a week, and that's for dinner.  Drinks really bump everything up, since they like to go to speakeasies instead of chill dive bars ($6 mixed drinks!).  I also feel super fat since Saturday.  It's very uncomfortable, feeling bloated.  Uh oh, getting depressed…time to change subjects!!!


  1. PULL-UPS – I can't actually do these.  My boss threw together some clamps and a sawed off metal bar, and boom!  We have this perfect pull up bar at the office!  Every hour, his alarm goes off and he rolls out 5 full pull-ups, complete with pauses and shaking forearms.  My progress?  I stand on a chair, jump up, and do a negative.  The first time I did this last week, just 3 negatives killed my arms for 3 days.  Later on in that week, I tried it again and did FIVE…with no pain the next day.  Today, I did six negatives, and the drop was much slower than before!  Meaning I am utilizing more muscles.  This is very satisfying, the way a starving person cherishes a little crumb of bread.
  2. COUCH TO 5K – I have been following this program on and off for the past few months.  Nike, ironically, threw a wrench in my workout regimen with the late hours.  But since then, I've finally managed to hit Week 4!!  The sucky thing is, it's a big jump from Week 3's 2:30 minute jogging sessions.  Week 4 has you jog 5 minutes straight numerous times, and I definitely felt it.  This was the first time this year that I went jogging by myself.  With no one to talk to and no one to slow my pace down to a 20 minute mile, I jogged along the East River at a 14:05 minute mile.  Still long, but a great improvement.  The only issue is that the faster pace made my reactive airways (similar to asthma, I do have an inhaler) act up.  For the last 10 minutes, it was hard to breath.  But I have heard I just need to strengthen my lungs, in other words, keep pushing myself and eventually my body will follow my willpower.

  I'm not really losing weight, but I am increasing in strength and endurance.  So at least there's that!


  There's a big screen TV that we had hooked up to a computer.  It's great for playing music while we work and watching Breaking Bad during lunch.  Finally, our office's days of looking like utter crap is over!  OVER!!!!



  My boss picked up the parts from IKEA for $80 and we threw this thing together in about an hour.  I looove it!  Not only does the cabinet match our work desks, it just looks a lot more homey than the stupid filing cabinet.  Plus, the cabinet was way too high; it strained our necks to look.  This IKEA counter is the perfect height for us to look at while we sit in our chairs, eating lunch on our knees.  I'm very happy….the place looks 10 times less oppressive and ghetto!  Ignoring the office phone on the floor and the loose cables, of course!

  Forgot to mention!  The computer has Dolphin installed, so we can play Wii games on that TV as well (^^)b


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