Time Slips By Like Sand in My Fingers…

Someone needs to create a room that’s immune to time. It would have a power generator in it, of course, so that I could work on a PC and study study study. And this way, since it’s a room and not just me ‘freezing’ time around me, then I can interact with things. It would suck so much if I try to do my homework on the computer, and find that it doesn’t move cause it got frozen along with everyone else in the world! So, if there’s a room where time doesn’t pass, I can work away normally….

I wish I had a summer all to myself, just to work on Maya and learn the in’s and outs. I wish I had more time, there’s so many things I’d do…which is why it kinda bugs me when people get “bored”. Why? What’s there to be bored about? Especially with the whole internet at our fingertips, there’s always something to look at and something to learn. I wish I had the luxury of being bored. When I’m not doing homework, I always think that’s time wasted I could be doing *better* homework, or learning something else.

If I could, I’d (in no order):

1. Learn to sew/use a sewing machine
2. Learn everything about Dynamics in Maya
3. Learn and experiment with texturing and lighting (since everything just takes practice)
4. Learn to cook something more than curry and instant noodles
5. Learn Chinese
6. Finish all my half-done video games
7. Draw.
8. Learn to swim
9. Read a book on the beach. The way things are, probably a program manual :(
10.Catch up on all the good, inspirational movies I’ve missed.
11.Learn to dance, PROPERLY
12.Travel the world
13.Learn to ride a bike.

There’s a whole lot more but I’m starting to scare myself. It’s kinda like a “Bucket List”…that’s what they called it in a trailer I saw for a movie called, well, Bucket List. What one would do before one “kicked the bucket”.

The people in school who do amazing work (aka what the teacher wants to see) are the ones who (A) don’t have lives or (B) don’t ever sleep. I hate that I have to choose one…because for choice A, we only live once, and for choice B, well, getting no sleep is really unhealthy and bad for the skin! Yet here I am, at 4:30 in the morning, sorting out my regrets. And it’s not like any of it matters. So why am I losing sleep over this? Really, I just like the feeling of typing on a keyboard.

My classmates who don’t sleep, you can tell cause they’re already looking 30 and haggard.


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