Sushi + Karaoke !?

I’m excited!!!

Last week I noticed a sign, all in Japanese, at a restuarant that said something veeery interesting…Now there were 2 or 3 kanji I wasn’t sure of, so who knows, maybe those 2 or 3 could make a big difference…but the poster said something like, “if you eat lunch here, get 5 hours in a karaoke box free!”

:D !!!!

I love how it’s only in Japanese, haha, they don’t want the other people taking advantage of it :P I can see why…if too many people do that, they’d end up raising prices..and I don’t want that! :) We’re gonna see if we can do that tomorrow (though I noticed on weekends it’s not 5 hours but 4 hours only)! And if I’m wrong…hey…we still get a nice meal (^_^)v

Someone should build an awesome, multi floor karaoke place, all private rooms, with lots of bright lights and a palace-y look. I looove those places in Japan (^_^) Who cares if there’s the risk it would look tacky…they’re so much fun! And they look nicer than the shady, grimey looking karaoke places we have now!

…I can’t stop thinking about Guitar Hero. I convinced one of my classmates to bring it to school next week (^.^) we’re planning on hooking it up to the projector :D

Drew this earlier today in my sketchbook…then colored it really roughly/quickly:


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