You call that a vacation??

My fingers are killing me…I have to learn to hold the PS2 controller better (>_<) Last night I told myself I'd go to sleep….but after breakdance club and all the video games they were playing, I needed to get Guilty Gear out of my system! I think I was half-inspired to play more of it too cause uh, from what I saw at break club, they suck at GG (o_O). Wierd I know. Because I suck at games. Next week I’m gonna challenge someone to it! I have no one to play with at home…sad sad….and I can’t beat friggin I-no with her boss powers :O After too much playing, my thumb got too stiff to do any more quarter circles on the D-pad for special attacks! (T_T)

So I’m at school right now in the tiny Green Screen Room, slowly DYING !!! Me and my friends shot some HD footage here yesterday, but silly me, I FORGOT to bring my hard drive to transfer the footage to! I dont even know why. That morning, I went around the house looking for tape so we could walk on the Green Screen, and dressed with certain colors so I could be filmed on the Screen properly….and yet that same morning, I look in my bag, pick up my hard drive, and think “Hm. I think I’ll leave you home today. You are too heavy! (weighs less than 2 pounds)”

What is wrong with me (x_x)

Not to mention, the harddrive I brought is FAT32 formatted…meaning I can’t transfer files over 4GB! WHYYY?! The normal hard drives are being used by my sister for her Terabyte+ sized thesis…so I’m sitting here shaving down my videos so it’ll fit the transfer limit =T

Finals coming up….Gotta make a 1 minute music video, which is why we filmed some stuff yesterday. But…the stuff I have is so random! I don’t even have a song in mind =T Don’t know what to do… and a minute is a lot. At the rate I been going, it’ll take at least 26 hours to make, with additional hours if I want it to look good. Unngh. I’m so slow at working (T_T) I think I might just do a weird mess of special effects….from flying, to Street Fighter, to Mortal Kombat refs.

That reminds me…..I’ve realized a threat to my income at school !!!! As an elective, I’m in one of the required courses for Graphic Design majors. It’s a lecture, and the guest speaker they had yesterday was from their MOTION Graphics class. Motion Graphics?? What?? That’s my **major** ! They use the same programs as us and turn out some real pretty things, and I got a little sad. I think they take our jobs, even though I hear they’re not very good at the programs in the technical sense.

But, then I got thinking. He said it’s a workshop class….meaning…I think they only turn out ONE video a semester! And he said their videos are 1 to 2 minutes max. We on the west side of “campus”, we turn out 30 seconds of finished stuff every week. So by the end of the semester, while they have somewhere between 60 – 120seconds, we have at least 360….plus the final (1 min), resulting in 420 seconds of finished videos. Man. If we had a whole semester (like them) to do this stuff, ours would look amazing too.


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