Work is so boring!! The supervisors are getting annoyed people keep calling in sick and showing up late to work….I haven’t done much of that yet, I just got back from Japan, but seriously I don’t blame these guys for wanting to cut work.

$7 an hour to wake up early and unlock doors. Occasionally giving people directions even though the floor space here is so small. There’s only left or right in this place, all the rooms are numbered, it’s not that hard to find your classroom. I bet people signed up for this job under the incentive that we’re gonna LEARN something from the teachers that stay behind here or something…but nothing of that sort has happened. 2 years ago, a Lab Assistant would get a half tuition scholarship PLUS $14/hour. They stopped all of that, and now no one wants to be a lab assistant.

They try to threaten us with “you guys have to be here on time or else we wont hire you for the fall semester!” But that doesnt scare anyone. No one cares. Maybe if this job still was $14 an hour. Or if it had just half tuition but no pay, I’d totally do it. But $7 an hour …I have better things to do with my summer, like see my friends I havent seen since school ended. Sleep. Fix my jet lag. Go to the beach. Make a painting. Play frisbee. Get a bike. Finish up my video games.

My mom got me another $7 part time job…filing papers. Hopefully I can bring a book to read there or something…I feel like I’m wasting my life.

I went to the doctor the other day about my leg….over a week ago in Japan, I fell off a bike (cause I can’t turn properly on a bike ;_;) and the ground gouged a part of my knee skin out. Erm…we tried to clean it but we didn’t clean it enough…..CAUSE NOW IT’S INFECTED!

Symptoms of an infection:

1. fever (no)
2. swelling (not..really)
3. foul smell (yes)
4. purulent drainage (yes)
5. surrounding skin is warm (yes)
6. wound does not heal (yes)

I’m really scared….I don’t even want to bend my knee a lot for fear that’ll help the bacteria spread. The doctor said if it was just an infection on skin, like down your calf, it’s not so bad..but since it’s on my knee, it’s near the joint, meaning the bacteria has the possibility of entering my bones. And if it does that, no antibiotic can kill it, because the bone acts like a barrier. I hooooope it’s okayyyyyyyyyy I ran home in that washingmachine-like thunderstorm so I could take the medicine faster.

But for the first time in my life, ever since yesterday, we have couches. COUCHES!! They’re so nice against my skin ^_^ Leather. We might get a new dining set too, and I think we really need it. We eat at a crappy office table that shakes when you cut your food, so your drinks spill and slosh everywhere. And our dinner chairs are folding chairs. All of them. And their backs are also breaking…one of them broke already so we use a painting stool as a replacement. And you know what? Besides the beds and my computer chair, those couches are the first piece of furniture we actually BOUGHT; i.e. we didn’t drag it into our house from the sidewalk xD. It’s like we live in the ghetto or something, which we dont o_o. The projects are a block away.

And one day…one day….my room will have airconditioning.


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