Man, I’m tired.

Oh man, it’s so boring here at work…and I could be doing productive self improvement stuff, like learning a new program or writing a story or something, or even drawing, but I can’t focus on anything here.  It really, strangely makes me brain dead, even though colleges should be a place of learning…

I just sent a letter to my first Japanese teacher, who went back to Osaka like 2 years ago….I hope he gets it T_T.  I sent him maybe two emails before, and he either didn’t get it or didn’t feel like responding….which doesnt make sense….because he replied to my first email….and last winter he sent a video message to me on my friend’s camera.  =(   Which made me inexcusably happy.

Man…I wish I had a penpal to talk to in Japanese…
I used to have one, but last year when I was dealing with the mess of finals, AP tests, college applications, and figuring out if I want to be a pharmacist or a computer art person…..I forgot to reply to her letter :(  And somehow…i kept forgetting…and now it’s been like a year since I’ve written to her.  I wonder if its okay to try writing to her again….I wanna send her a present too, just because, but who knows if she’ll answer.  Or if she moved.  I bet she has a new American penpal by now, who talks to her all the time and sends her lovely presents T_T.

It’s so lonely at work, with no one here.  And no one here means I can’t go on any breaks to grab some food.

But that’s okay, because I think I don’t like people.


 体は「眠れー!!」って伝んやけど、ここで眠れアカン。 まぁっ、先週ねちゃった。。。2時間で。。。




ああ。 よかった。。。もう消えた。。


 先週他の女の子は一緒にバイトしなきゃのに、来なかった。 そして今日またさぼった。 あの女の変わり人も来なかった。




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