Slight Sadness

  Usually I’d update when I’m at work, cause I got nothing to do there…but the keyboard at my dad’s office is sooo soft against my freshly clipped fingertips !

     I’m kind of sad… See….

    I was gonna write a (paper) letter to my old host family in Japan this week, you know…to see how they are (it bothers me that I don’t talk to them)…and to let them know i’m gonna be in Japan again this summer.    Then I check my mail a few hours ago, and POP!  There’s a fresh new message in my inbox saying “Konbanwa!”  .    Yeap.  It’s their reply to an email I sent them like, over one school semester ago.  This is good though, because then I dont have to pay like 80cents or something for postage :D

   But….. in the message it said they’re hosting another kid from America again this summer.  Whoever he is…I think he’ll be a cooler pet for them than me… .>_<  Male, age unknown, also from NYC.  I think I was kind of a crappy pet.  *sigh*  But how do you make it up to them?  And what kind of present should I bring them….chocolates or something??  I was thinking of visiting them for a day or so this summer…I wonder if it’d be akward to meet their new pet..


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