Being at work for the day with a computer and no people to help makes me bored bored bored. And thirsty.

And thus I turn to livejournal

    Because I am a weirdo, I met my friend at Stuyvesant High School yesterday and went to class with her ^_^;. Well really I went to pick up a $1000-something check (her plane fare to Japan), but stuck around cause I have nothing better to do =P Actually. I do. But I dont feel like addressing that problem.

    I waited for her outside for like FIVE minutes….FIVE MINUTES…..and yep, that’s right, my right forearm BURNED.

    What. The hell. ?!?!  .

   Actually it’s better today, but yesterday there was a red spot about the size of a nickel and it was hot to the touch !  And you know, I’m still “tanned” from last summer.  Yea.  I got tan lines still…..image how incredibly pale my natural self is…I’m wondering if that SPF 150 they sell in Japan is really better than 30, or if it’s just some trick on consumers.

   Yea, so like a weirdo I followed her around school and hung out in the hall with her and her friends (she got me into her school using her friend’s ID card).  That place is HUUUGE!!  Nothing like *my* high school….spaciouos, normal sized lockers….escalators….I can’t believe they have escalators.  They have a gym and olympic-sized pool, but they were closed cause it’s AP week (guhhh bad memories).   I  felt bad though that some of her friends remembered me from karaoke….my name and everything!  How?!?  I only met them once like a year ago.  So I smiled, said hi enthusiastically, and hoped and hoped there wouldn’t be an occasion that day where I had to call out their name.  I met this girl named Stephanie who’s going to Japan with me and my friend…she recently dyed her hair blonde (she’s chinese) and it looks coool >_<   Makes me want to bleach my hair again (this time with the perfect orangey tint to it), but my poor hair may not be able to take that (unless I get an oil treatment).  She had the same inspiration for bleaching her hair…….Ayumi Hamasaki.  Hehehe.  Followed them to Japanese class and asked their teacher if it was ok for me to sit in.  They have a giant Domo-kun costume (read: pink foam box with brown wrapped around it)… scared me…..
   The blond girl is organizing a Japanese fashion show for the teacher (extra credit) for Japan Society (the national one)….I was like wow…..can I go??  But they told me it cost money.  They’re getting their classmates and stuff and putting look-a-like japanese styles on them…I told them there should be a yakuza and ganguro, but for some reason the guys don’t have white suits :O  . For shame.  What kind of gangsters dont have white suits at home, ready for use.  This one guy (geeky name), they’re making him be “crazy hotsprings guy” (wearing a towel; they wanted him naked with a ribbon, but then he demanded to know how that was Japanese), then wear guy-fashion there (metro sexual style…because apparently he always wears that style anyway, but none of the girls wants to offend him and say its metro), then pull up his jeans and show off loose socks (on a guy!??)…then run around in Domo-kun.  And then as a ninja.  He was really cooool….I dunno……he looked cool and sounded like he might have an interesting brain…. but I’ll never see him again.  I think by the time class ended, he said,  “Waitaminute.  Who are you?  Were you always in this class?”


   I dont think my friends are really friends with him.  So I’ll never see him again.  That’s ok, I’m going to stalk people in the high schools of Japan this summer.


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