Oh, Monday, how I hate you.

So I got my work cut out for me tonight.

1/ Finish the Demo Reel and make a DVD menu for it (then burn it to DVD, of course)
2/ Assemble scholarship application…this entails
FINDING the stupid teacher recommendation letter I STUPIDLY misplaced.
Supposedly they aren’t going to look at incomplete apps…I’m hoping…that’s a lie….
3/ Somehow get in touch with my friend…get her to sit down…and figure out what
we’re doing about our Japan trip. Because the 2 other people I’m going with are
booking hotel space by Monday. And if she comes, I might have to extend my stay in
Japan, meaning I have to change my airplane ticket. Which is also due Monday.

At least since my sister is up at Syracuse right now (her friends are all graduating), I get to sleep in her bed !!! It’s sooo comfortable with that memory foam crap….I feel like I get 150% more recovery from sleeping on it.

One of my friends is a bit upset…he’s going to Japan too in the summer and wants to hang out there, but he’s flying in when I’m flying out :O. I might extend my stay…if I can find a cheap place to stay at.

Sometime soon I gotta get either a State ID or a Driver’s Permit….I really really need one @_@ My college ID really isn’t going to get me far.

Oh yea. I wanted to dedicate myself to pilates, but so far I only did it for a day…two days ago…….I should get on that. My weight is fine, but um…there’s a lump of fat on my lower stomach that makes me angry when I wear my (new!) swimsuit. WEEE I’m squeezing it !!!! And it makes a shadow! If I can flatten it, I bet it’ll make my chest look less flat. EhehehehhhAHHAHAHHAHAHHAAHA. Pilates makes my legs hurt and not my stomach. I’m probably doing the wrong kind of pilates. Actually, doesn’t working out make you GAIN weight….since you trade fat for muscle…? Oh, I’m confused. The solution: less thinking more YES !!

I’m gonna look for my letter now :(


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