happy happy joy joy

It turns out, 2 of my other friends (the ones I originally went to Japan with) are planning on going there this summer too!! So we’re trying to go together, and I hope we can !!!!! Hahaha, 1 of them found an ad in the Japanese newspaper that said $400 round trip tickets…..FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS. She’s calling them tomorrow to see if there’s any catch or whatnot; so far all we know is $400, offer ends this friday, and you must depart before July 15. If….no….WHEN we go….we’re definately going to hit Osaka, Kobe, and Tokushima; nothing much in Tokushima, but our host families are there from 2 years ago. My 1st Japanese teacher is in Osaka, so I’m hoping I could meet up with him ^_^ I’m a little sad though…he hasnt answered my email to him in like 3-5 months. I think I’ll email him again o_O. Where did he go….

After maybe 2 and a half weeks or so, 1 of them is going to Guang Dong in China (the south) and said I can come to her house there too :D ! I really want to go…even if the house/town is crappy…because cheap shopping! I can’t speak Cantonese though. I dunno if I’ll have enough money after Japan though for a flight to China.

Decided not to do the graphic art comission for this hippie lady; she was trying to make things too cheap, I think because I’m a student. She’s being really weird with what she says about her money too….she told me she was willing to spend only $450 on BOTH web graphics and coding the actual website, which really is not going to get her very far. Yet, apparently she was going to spend $1000 on this other guy who was a pretty good designer but a sloppy coder. My time’s spent better somewhere else….I’ll see if I can get that thing making a website for this drug center in the Bronx for $1000. How awesome would that be? I wonder if they’d really give me that much. I think $800+ is the amount for a 5 page website.

Being at the end of Kingdom Hearts II really makes me not want to play it anymore. You know what, it actually makes me depressed, being at the end. I’ve lost the drive.

Earned at least $35 today, doing much of nothing. It was portfolio night at school, and they told me to “guard the food”. I threatened my DV teacher that if he touched the food, I’d have to bite him. SNIP SNAP. He backed away. Lucky me, they screened the “best of” Senior Thesis in the same room I was guarding…..you can see them here:  svacomputerart.com .  On May 11th, they’re screening (again) all the Senior Thesis at Lincoln Center.   I like the one with the Pink Bunny in the 3-D ones…and the fishing hook with the animals.  And the Moshun one.  They’re way better than last year’s bunch, and the demo reels of the Juniors this year looked pretty good.  Real possibility it’s gonna be even better Thesis next year.  I’m still working on my own demo reel for this scholarship at school…..I hope I can get it.  Realisticly I’m competing against my DV classmates; we’re the only DV class in this freshman year that did stuff in After Effects, meaning we are the ones with more demo reel material.  Not that we have much…we’ve only begun doing stuff this semester.  But my class is really pretty friggin good.  I hope I can get it.  Though I do have 2 more tries to get it…next year and junior year…

   I think I’m gonna pop in Diablo II now and kill some demons.  Thinking about school and the future and life made me sad :(   Definately by next week I’ll be paying attention/adding stuff to deviantArt.  My new username is salva-nos.


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