Cinco de Mayo !

Yayyy, it’s my big sister’s 22nd birthday :) Happy birthday to her…hope she can celebrate lots before summer classes and thesis filming in june =x

Live journal. Huh. So much of a hassle. I guess it’s a good way to make me log my vapid life; it’s kind of fun to look back in a handful of years.

Another hassle: Deviant Art. People are ragging on me to update it…I forgot all about it =x shows I haven’t been there for 4weeks…..Why am I so bad at committing to sites :(

So yes. Today is my sister’s birthday, and we’re heading up to Harlem (131st about) for some BBQ at a store she’s been wanting to try, called Dinosaur BBQ. My dad said she could eat anywhere, but he’s really upset about going to Harlem because (a) it’s not chinatown (b) it’s harlem (c) it’s not chinatown. But we always eat in chinatown….gets a little boring, you know. So he’s picking us all up at 2pm, cause I have to go back to Daycare-work today at 1pm. What for? I’m not entirely sure. They just told me to come back. Maybe they want to give me a present! I hope they won’t yell at me for something…

Lalala. What other thoughts are ruining my brain. KINGDOM HEARTS. I got to the end of Kingdom Hearts 2 yesterday, and it makes me sad :( It seems kind of fast. Says I have like 30-something hours only, and I’m on Proud Mode! I thought it’d take longer, and be harder…I mean I did die a lot, and at first I’d die against regular (yet grotesquely obesce) Heartless, but reaching the end and only level 50-something? There’s still a couple more sub-bosses before the true end, but I guess I’ll take my time and complete Jiminy’s Journal. I read that if you complete it, you get an extra movie at the end (probably like 1 min of movie only…)……BUT COMPLETEING THE JOURNAL IS SO HARD !!! There’s so much crap, they log everything from every world! And for some reason I can’t find all the treasure chests in the first town. I’m hoping they’re not like….unattainable now, since the player you can control suddenly switched. You know what it is, the town is too FRIGGIN big and pointy. All these corners, I can’t see properly :(

I want my Playstation back. Uncle took it, and it had my Xenogears game in it, which I never got to finish. Not that I could play it on my PS2…it was a bootleg. Playstation bootlegs…ahh..those were the good old days. PS2 bootlegs seem so much of a hassle to do right now. And I really want my sister to play Suikoden II, now that she’s on vacation….well…vacation after May 11th’s Junior/Senior show. I have Ocarina of Time to keep me busy too anyway; I’m wayyyy in the beginning of it….Link didn’t even go to adulthood yet! It’s cuz I gave up as soon as I saw the stupid rocks blocking the stupid waterfall blocking the stupid Zola Kingdom. With my stupidly missing piece of TriForce. Man. Link is so cool. I used to think his name was Zelda, way back back back then, and then it became awkward when the game was like, “Quick ZELDA! You have to save Zelda!!”

I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep. I tried to sleep at 2am and it didn’t work. After not-sleeping in bed till 5, I read stuff until 6 and finally put myself to sleep. And then got up at 9 and couldn’t sleep again and my eyes feel so dry !!! maybe it’s my subconscious telling me to do some work. But I don’t want to . And why does my subconscious have to be so secretive? We’re one body, man, quit the riddles and just tell me straight without all this guesswork. It’s not healthy!

H&M reminds me of Japan. I went there yesterday after my sister got off work, a little pre-birthday shopping thing. She said the store’s pretty American to her, but I dunno…the styles they try and do, especially on their models, they REALLY remind me of Japan. All layering of clothes (especially tanktops), ESPECIALLY the layering of clothes, the baggy tops, the awful balloony skirts, the army of STRIPES….gosh, stripes was like uniform in Japan. The models in the “cool side” of the window display all had cool leg thingies too, which you don’t really see Americans doing. Which is fine by me. It’s kind of annoying to see too many people doing it when they don’t look good in it…and really, not many people do. Which reminds me , why are cosplayers so ugly???? It’s just….they’re usually really really, really fat or they’re ugly, or both. It’s just…when they’re really fat, the anime clothes look terrible….uncomplimenting….someone should tell them it looks bad. But even if someone did, I’m sure they already get made fun of a lot at school and on the street, possibly by family too, and will probably ignore the comment.
Well I guess you could say it’s American style or something, from back in the 80s. Just that 80s style was soo huuuuge in Japan when I was there…like 2 years ago….the 80s comeback I guess was bigger there than here. Or maybe it never left? I really like leg thingies. They make me happy. You have to be brave to wear them in public though.

It’s interesting how people’s perceptions of what’s good fashion and what isn’t changes so fast.

2 years ago, I gave my friend a souveneir : Loose socks (80cm only :( ) Her older sister wouldn’t let her out of the house wearing them because she thought they were embarassingly hideous.

A year later, her older sister asks me where to get them, and if I could get some for her in any color I could O_O ….what???

Anyway. I’m trying really hard to get back to Japan this summer…the same friend is coming with me (yay!) but we dunno if her mom will let her leave Sapporo (where her aunt is) or not. There’s nothing in the north :( We want to go to Osaka! And Tokyo. Because those are the fun places. ^_^

This laptop’s burning my flesh, so I’m ending it here! Bye bye, Future-me!


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