am I that interesting?

Ha. Trick question.

The answer SHOULD be Yes, but, it’s No. Why? Because homework is devouring my life. Actually I don’t get homework, I get projects…which I’m sure I’d be able to work on more if I didn’t have to work for one and a half days. Man. I used to work for 2 days…16 hours a week. Just TWO days and I was already sick and tired of work. I dont think I’ll be able to manage working 9-5 every single day for the rest of my life !!!

But I have to save up ! Because I have a new goal…..I want to go to Japan this summer :) I was talking with my friend from Japanese school, who’s trying to round up people to go to Japan with him, and he said about $800 should cover 2 weeks there. $1500 for a whole month. Plane tickets (round trip) should be about $500 if you buy early he said…and shop around. The thing that’ll kill me though is the hotel costs….he suggested staying at a Hostel, but….I dunno, those are kind of creepy, arent they? ^_^

In a hostel…

– you live with a bunch of other travelling strangers in one room
– you have a curfew, because its rude to be noisy
– this means limiting going to clubs/parties
– you could be sleeping with a bunch of psychos
– in the movie HOSTEL, they were sleeping (literally) with a bunch of psychos

My friend’s advantage is that he knows lots of people in Japan…so every three days or so he moves to someone else’s house ^_^;.

Went to the Pixar Exhibit at MoMA yesterday, after Japanese school. My gosh. My sister got reaal mad at me….cuz like…apparently I walked right by her and her friends, and LOOKED at them, and kept right on walking. But there was a glare in the window, and just because my eyes look like they’re pointing in that direction doesnt mean they’re seeing anything !! Anyway.
The line for Pixar was ONE. FRIGGIN. HUGE. LINE. I guess everyone was rushing the museum cuz it’s the last weekend before the end of the exhibit…and we waited on a line for a goooood while. It was like being at Disney World! And while we were on the line they had some pictures and plaques put up on the walls, so half of us came out of the line to look at them…and when we were returning, this Asian girl in a lime shirt started complaining to the security guard !

“HEY! They’re not on line, they’re cutting! WE are the ones who are next on line, not them! Hey!!”

Security Guard: “Hey-Hey!! Where do you think you’re gong?” *reaches out to grab one of us*
Friend: “We’re on the line with these people, we just went out for a second to look at the exhibit over there,”
Security Guard: “Oh ok, I thought you just showed up from no where”

That STUPID LIME GIRL. She’s seen us standing right in front of her for like half an hour, and then she takes the oppertunity to try and kick us out of the line like that? I know what you’re thinking. You must be like, “Well I hate it whenever people save spots on the line, because I was waiting for an hour, and then all of a sudden I’m an extra 10 people behind!”
But, NO. Because we were waiting on line too since the start. It just so happened some of the Pixar stuff was about two yards away from the line. And we came there to see the exhibit. So we went to see it. The lime girl though, she’d been complaining to everyone who’d listen since she got behind us, two floors above the exhibit.

The exhibit was awesome….you really get to see how much thought they put into making their works, like this Monsters, Inc. thing on the wall…it was Sullivan (the big blue one) with different densities and lengths of hair on his face as the artists tried to figure out which kind suited him best. Like hair coming mostly in downward angles, or growing in circular patches, or making the sides thicker so its like he has a beard or something. And another picture of Sullivan with diagram arrows, detailing the texture and physics of each section of his hair all over his body, to see which parts are more coarse and therefore dont move as much in the wind, etc. Color scripts were beautiful. Pre-production animated storyboards were so detailed and exact to the movie, if they had been colored in, they could have just released THAT as the Incredibles movie.
But there were a lot of annoying people there too. Always touching everything with their dirty, greasy hands, walking by quikcly and not paying attention to all the wonderful things in the exhibit, or just walking by and occasionally pointing out characters they recognize. Not reading the plaques. Not knowing what everything was. This one old guy had been sitting at one of the LESS THAN FIVE computers that play this AWESOME behind the scenes thing for Pixar. Like the kinds on DVDs, except they were actually informative and good. He wouldn’t get up for anyone, even when the security guard came over and told him there are people behind him waiting to watch the commentaries too. Bastard.
People dont appreciate things. People don’t understand things. It’s not *too* complicated, and they have no excuse since there were plaques that explained what storyboards are, what the purpose of color scripts are, the point of making actual models of characters, etc.
But it’s great Pixar got all this museum time. It’s like someone’s actually acknowledging digital animation as an art form, rather than just some crap someone made on the computer.
I hear Pixar was recently (like last week) bought by Disney….how that will go…I don’t know…

Started playing Starcraft again…it’s sooo good. I love it. 10 years old and still friggin awesome! I’m a mediocre player only though, and i feel like my keyboard is hindering me…because its hard to hit all the hotkeys quickly to raise an army in 5minutes when there’s a pointless 2 inch gap between the G and H keys (and hte ones above them). I dont think I’ve ever finished playing though all of the Single Player stuff either….it’d be neat to finally know how the stories end.

I dont care what everyone says.

ZERG are awesome!


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