You know what…I’m too tired to CARE if this offends. Because people offend me and have driven me to the point of uncare.

The launch of my livejournal and my college life. Even though the classes haven’t started yet. While most of my friends are getting up early in the morning to drag themselves to class, I’m still sleeping at home :)

I’m desperately hoping that I can master 3-D animation so I can do awesome things. And I’m incredibly happy I’m in SVA. Just…as always…there are things that disappoint me.

I was going to post this yesterday, but my internet got disconnected. Perhaps this is because we’re using someone else’s wireless, but it made me lose my entire post. So I shall ensue the copy-and-pasting of posts before I post.

NOTE: yesterday’s rant was by far more concise and comprehensible. Since it was lost, and there’s nothing no one can do, I’ll just settle for this crap:

Today, however, I got lost in school and found this one closed little area in the staircase that had graffiti everywhere. Some of it was really crappy graffiti, of somebody who found a marker and started doing waves/swirls everywhere. It wasn’t that cool. AKA, it was crappy graffiti. But on one wall I found someone’s rant which completely echoed what I’ve been thinking about. I don’t remember the exact words of course, but it was something like this…

‘ All you people who think you’re artists – yes it’s nice you’ve bought a marker at Pearl, but your drawings look like shit. I haven’t even seen some of you in classes. And you writers, you think you can write a novel but you all suck (except for a select few). All you ‘artists’ with your hipster clothings should just go back to your white picket fence lives! No clout, no clout ‘

PEOPLE CAN’T DRAW – how the heck did they get accepted to an art college? The people in Graphic Design…I’m so surprised. I know some people who are majoring in Graphic Design. Their drawings looked like the typical kind of doodles a high school girl has in her notebook. You know, with flowers and stuff. Actually, all they were doing were doodle-flowers on the big sheet of paper. I went around to other people’s dorms and I saw some of their art hanging in their rooms. It looks like crap. I don’t understand….we all were supposed to submit portfolios to the school in order to be accepted. I figure Graphic Design’s gotta be one of the largest majors at SVA (it’s known for a great GD program), meaning it should be competitive, right?
For anyone who happens to know me…I am very cynical about my own drawings. I hide it from people, always seeing the flaws in it. I am never satisfied with my own work. But their stuff is just so disappointing to me that I have to say, I draw way better than them. I also went to the St. Mark’s Comics earlier, and I found this comic some girl drew. M~something~ Poe, manga style. Her drawings sucked too…some people can pull off sucky artwork as a style, but. This one just didn’t work. I didn’t read the story (store was closing), but…well..I guess if people suck this bad, then I have an inch more of a chance to making it in the real world. My friend told me that the world is starting to weed out the people in Graphic Design and things like that who can’t actually draw. Not that I’m in Graphic Design.
But I’m in an art school. People come here from other states and even other COUNTRIES. Seeing sucky artwork that sucky made me sad and disappointed. I know there are people in SVA with AMAZING skills (I’ve seen it), but there’s just so many bad ones to overwhelm…
PEOPLE ALL DRESS THE SAME – Why?? Okay…so it’s art school. I knew there was going to be an overwhelming majority of people who like rock. That’s fine, because I like rock a lot too. But come on…they think they’re all so “punk” with their bright red or blue hair dye. The black clothing. The long pants and skater shoes, despite the humidity of NYC August. The almost uniform black belt with the metal plating on it. You know the kind. EVERYONE has it. It sells for like, $3. The metal plated wristbands.
It’s not cool anymore when everyone’s wearing the same thing. When everyone looks uniform. 100s of students simultaneously and coincidentally wearing the same thing as each other. Everyone has the same hair dye of fire-truck red. They listen to music about nonconformity, about being an individual…I mean…when I think rock I think – individuality, do what you want, stick it to the man…things like that. If things are becoming too similar, go out and get CREATIVE (it’s art school for crying out loud), THINK FOR YOURSELF a new style or outfit. Don’t wear the same friggin belt as everyone else, (geez, that belt’s really pissing me off right now). It’s OK to wear capris or skirts or shorts in the summer — it’s SUMMER! Ever heard of the conformity of nonconforming..? I’m really getting annoyed at mainstream rock because I think a LOT of the songs sound the same. I just get the feeling of hypocrasy from watching them. Or Poserness.
My sister assured me that it’s mostly the Fine Artsy kind of people who are ‘wannabe’ types. They go on the east side ‘campus’. I’m in computer so I’m going to the west side. So I won’t have to be around people that build my internal rage for too long in the year :)

White picket fence lives. I know a lot of them come from suburbia…

Ranting shall now be cut. It’s getting really late…and I still have more orientation stuff tomorrow morning. Too early.

OH. OHHH. This BITCHY looking girl. I dont know her, but she’s your standard-issue ‘rocker’ girl. The dark clothes, the red hairdye, the messily thick eyeliner…the belt…you know. She comes in to my friends’ dorm because she’s a friend of one of their dormmates. She’s from NYC too, dorming at New School. She was saying, “I really want to go to the Knitting Factory, probably next week if I’m not too tired from all the rock shows I’m going to. Oh, but you guys shouldn’t go to the Knitting Factory alone, because that area is really bad, and it’s FILTHY, and soo dangerous,”.
She was telling everyone all this CRAP about how horrible the Knitting Factory’s area was.


Why is she scaring them like that? Maybe she just doesn’t want them going to a show without her or something, but that area is getting good. There’s always people around since the nightlife’s pretty good. The place is cleaning up. It USED to be terrible, but it’s really getting a lot better and it’s REALLY not that dangerous anymore. Maybe when the girl said she lived in NYC, she meant Long Island or something like that. It should just be Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan. Staten Island has nothing. Long Island, I dont like. It’s not city enough to be called NYC to me.


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